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"Gone To The Dogs" Lyrics

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Since you've been gone
Gone to the dogs
In a round about way
You're still sing
Singing along
I can see it in your face

Everywhere you go
I'm there with you
Still part of you
Never let you go at it alone
If you do
I'll make sure you are standing on your feet
Cause life could be sweet

But now you're gone
Gone to the dogs
I don't know you like I did

So why don't you say
Say it out loud
All these things you hold inside of yourself
Holding on tight
As if you're frightened of the ride

Everywhere you go
It goes with you
Takes part of you
And never lets you go at it alone
If it would I know you could be so much more than this
And life could be bliss

I never hold you up
And no I'll never let you down
You know I do my best
If I ever held you up
No, you never let me down
You let yourself down, let me down

But now you're gone
Gone to the dogs
I don't know you like I did
song info:
Verified yes
Copyright ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing
WriterKatie Tunstall, Kt Tunstall
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
AddedMarch 10th, 2010
Last updatedMarch 8th, 2022

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