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"Lift Off" Lyrics


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Lift Off cover
verse 1
Yeah, my heart will always be with my home
'Cause home's the only place that's got my heart
But something lit a fire in my soul
Voyager gon' voyage
I (I) got somethin' that's gon' take me somewhere (Somewhere)
Take me up into the stratosphere
This is goodbye until we meet again (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
Again, woo!

I could tell you I'm sorry
But you know I won't mean it when you heard me say
Feel a likin' to Charlie
'Bout to go clock in, then up, up and away
Baby, I don't wanna break your heart
But this is where I belong
World's ready for a superstar
I got my engines on

Lift off
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, gone
You see my rocket ship
Head up in the clouds
When the spaceship lit, ignite
Hit me from the ground
I'm about to lift off
Five, four, three, two, one
You see the shadow is shootin' up to Mars
'Bout to land on Venus
Baby, I'm a star
Watch your boy go lift off

verse 2
Look, Lord, this shop is holdin' me back (Ah)
Bonnie and Clyde, 'bout to go ahead and kill that (Ah)
Sorry to the people I thought I love, I think I found my soulman
And we're goin' all the way, as high as that cocaine, so

This is probably gonna break your heart (Your heart)
But this is where I belong (Ah)
World's ready for a superstar (Ah)
I got my engines on
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