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"No Matter What They Say" Lyrics

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No matter what people say (el nina)
We got it goin on (el nino)
Who cares about what they think
(won't you come on through and show em how you do that baby, ugh, ugh)
You are the number one
No matter what people say (el nina)
We got it goin on (el nino)
Who cares about what they think
(shake your body to the rhythm till it drives you crazy, ugh, ugh)
You are the number one

Verse 1:
Everywhere I go red carpet
Give the keys to valet, tell him park it
Then I jumps out the Azura
Lil Kim aura
Girls makin faces like Ace Ventura
And my B-A-D-G-I-R-L-S we in the stretch LS
aint shit you cant tell us
Even got some of these niggas jealous
But tonight it aint about the fellas
Bulgari perfume from a mile you smell us
Model agencies say its easy to sell us
We got sex appeal, I'ma keep it real
If I didnt have a deal, Id still be worth a mil
Depending on how I feel, I might go on a heist
So at my wedding I can throw ice,
Instead of throwing rice
We fly like kites, never get into fights
I got a whole bunch of dikes on Ninja bikes


Verse 2:
I'm just tryin to be me doin what I gotta do
So why you keep hatin on me and my crew
(Yo I'm sayin Q.B, look at them and look at u)
True, if I was you, I'd hate me too
Louis Vuitton shoes and a whole lot of booze
Every other week, a different dude, another cruise
I make offers nobody can refuse
You might even see me on the Channel 9 news
I get paid just to lay up in the shade
To take pictures with a glass of lemonade
My rocks shine like they was dipped in Cascade
(Kim been fly since she was in the 5th grade)
Wake up in the morning to breakfast from a maid
Wanted me so bad you went out and copped the bootleg
Your styles played like a high-top fade
Some of this shit I hear I dont know how it got played
Y'all rock Versace and y'all went out and bought it
I rock Versace and you know I didnt pay for it
My fam deep, with security in the Jeep
When the queen come in town, e'ryting shut DOWN!

Break w/ Puff Daddy mumbling his usual stuff

Old-School Bridge:
I'm your highness, the highest title, Numero Uno
I'm not a PuertoRican but I speak it so that you know
(This is how it should be done...)
A hip-hop, a hippa-tha-hoppa to the hip-hip-hoppa
You dont stop a rockin to the bang-bang-boogie
Said Up jumps the boogie to the rhythm of the
boogedy beat
Now what you hear is not a fake
It's the real Lil Kim Queen Bee
Now I know y'all heard other females rap
But they aint got nothin on me, cause...
Y'all take to my rap cause my raps the best,
150 thou, 16 bars nothin less...
so this is to y'all haters, I pay you no mind
In fact, I'ma give it to you one more time like...
(Bounce, cmon Bounce, Bounce...)

Chorus til fade
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Copyright ©Universal Music Publishing Group, CONCORD MUSIC PUBLISHING, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Warner Chappell Music
WriterCatalino Curet Alonso, Eric Barrier, William Griffin, Kimberly Jones, Bernard Edwards, Darren T. Henson, Nile Gregory Rodgers, Howard Thompson, Edward K. Archer, James Brown, Robert L. Beavers, Jack Hill, Charles A. Bobbit, Bobby Byrd, Dennis Taylor, Pete
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Last updatedMarch 5th, 2022

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