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Lisa Stansfield

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GenreR&B, Pop, Soul, Dance, Rock
AboutBorn: 11 April 1966
Location: Manchester UK (to Rochdale shortly after - considered "home")
Parents: Keith and Marion
Siblings: Karen (older and the vocal twin of Lisa); Suzanne (younger)
Music styles: Northern Soul, Club and Jazz
Musical Influences: Motown
Musical Heroes: Barry White

Lisa sang constantly as a child, as did all the Stansfield daughters. Marion entered them into numerous singing and dancing competitions. At the age of 14, Lisa won the Search for a Star competition at the Talk of the North Club. The win gave Lisa a big break - her first television show, The Head of Light Entertainment at Granada TV. Also at this time, Lisa signed her first recording contract with Polydor Records. Her persuasive attitude towards performing came when was asked to be a co-presenter for the music show "Razzamatazz" on Tyne Tees TV.

Shortly after in 1983, Lisa met up with old school chums Ian Devaney and Andy Morris at a local club. She had felt quite put-off by what she had experienced in "show business". Together they started writing some songs, cutting some demos, and making the rounds at numerous record companies. A small label, Rockin' Horse Records in 1985, signed them. Blue Zone's first two single releases were unsuccessful, however their third started to make some waves. It was "Thinking About His Baby", with the b-side "Big Thing" (which was written in the record time of 30 minutes). Kiss-FM (a pirate radio station at the time) picked up on "Big Thing", as did the clubs. It sold 10,000 singles in just one week. Their album "Big Thing" (which surprisingly didn't carve out a hit) took well over a year to complete. Furthermore, it ended up not being where they wanted to go musically.

Andy and Ian had previously worked with the production team of Matt Black and Jonathan Moore, better known as Coldcut, on the song "Stop This Crazy Thing". They told Coldcut of Lisa's vocal skills and in 1989, together with Coldcut, Blue Zone recorded and released "People Hold On". The song soared to Number 11 on the UK charts. The success of this hit was enough to persuade Arista Records to sign Lisa as a solo artist, with Andy and Ian as her composers, musicians, and producers. Coldcut returned the favour by producing Lisa's next record "This Is The Right Time".

"All Around The World" went to Number One in 1989, and the album "Affection" (recorded in just over a month) became an international hit, which has sold 5 million copies worldwide.

Lisa followed up with the album "Real Love" in 1992. From her second effort with BMG came the hits "Change", "All Woman", and "Set Your Loving Free". The record showed her major influence towards the 70's soul sound, along with bringing a maturity in both her writing and performing.

Arriving in 1994 was the effort "So Natural". Lisa speaks critically of the album today, deeming it "self indulgent". Lisa and Ian found that they had fallen deeply in love, and the songs on the album reflected their feelings towards one another.

Three years passed before Lisa embarked upon recording another album. During this time, Andy decided to leave the performing/songwriting/production team to start up his own recording studio in London. Lisa and Ian then moved from their Rochdale home to settle in Ireland, just outside of Dublin.

In 1997, saw the release her self titled album "Lisa Stansfield". From this, she hit the mark with "The Real Thing" and her tribute to Barry White, "Never Never Gonna Give You Up". On this album, Richard Darbyshire (singer/songwriter and best known as the voice of 80's group "Living In A Box") teamed up with Lisa and Ian and collaborated together as a songwriting partnership which has only strengthened over the years.

Lisa's passion for the arts is not limited to singing and writing, as she also paints and sketches. 1998 marked the year that Lisa turned her talents to acting in the musical comedy film, "Swing". The critics gave Lisa high marks for her performance. The soundtrack for the movie placed in the Billboard Jazz charts. She then followed up in 2001, co-starred in the London's West End stage performance of "Vagina Monologues".

"Face Up" was the title of Lisa's final album with the BMG recording company. "Let's Just Call It Love" and "8-3-1" were the top releases from the CD. Critics and fans agreed upon the releases' clarity and quality.

The obligatory 'greatest hits' package came out in 2003. Titled "Biography", the release boasted a re-mastering of Lisa's hits. The package sold well enough for BMG to re-master her entire album catalogue.

Lisa signed with the ZTT Records (home of Frankie Goes To Hollywood) in 2003. Its creator is Trevor Horn, one time Buggle and full time prolific producer (Seal, Paul McCartney, to name just a few).

The following are awards that Lisa has won...expect more to follow!

BRIT Awards (British Grammy)
1990 - Most Promising Newcomer
1991 - Best British Female Artist
1992 - Best British Female Artist

DMC Awards
1990 - Best Album (Affection)
1990 - Best Artist
1991 - Best Album (Real Love)

World Music Award
1991 - Best British Artist

1991- Writer of the Most Performed Song
(All Around The World)

Ivor Novello Award
1990 - Best Contemporary Song
(All Around The World)
1991 - Best International Song
(All Around The World)

Billboard Award
1990 - Best Newcomer

Silver Clef Award
1990 - Best New Artist

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