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"Life Of Loki" Lyrics


So All of my songs, they have a message and a purpose,
If I didn't do it that way, then it all would be worthless,
I would like to paint a picture for you, with the words that I speak,
This is the Life of Loki, not at full view, just a peek,
I'd like you to Rewind now, in your mind if you could,
to the fall of '92, when everything was all good,
Two American lovers gave birth to a child,
Both were too young, and both were too wild,
They knew little, about the future and such
Father became a workin man, and ma partied too much
Family helped with the kid, they tried to make it work
But as the child got shipped, the situation got worse,
Take a step Forward now, to September '01
The kid was 8 years old, when the supposed end had begun,
Attention divided, the parents focused on sister
Occasionally stopping to say "watch yourself mister"
He learned about love, then learned about hate
He learned who you would see atop the fiery gate
Enhancing his knowledge, the streets became his bode
Slowly caring less and less, with the homies he rode
School became a problem, he just didn't fit in
People felt squeamish about him, residing in sin
Yes they called him names, and they tried to beat him down,
not given any fucks, you couldn't slow this wicked clown
2008, blessed in chaotic flame,
With the wicked family, he started smashin the game,
Then life done happened, homies got locked up,
He started bein thug, and often too fucked up,
He started roaming the land in search of hell knows what
The Situation at home kept on suckin nuts
So he formed an alliance with some down to earth people
Tried to move forward but was stopped by another evil
Monetary absence and that other bullshit
There was probably another part, but I do not remember it
Finally "free", amongst the sheep with a smile
A wolf who's been thirsty, when seen there's denial
This is not the end, for I am just gettin started
I apologize in advance to the feeble and weak-hearted
I am Loki the Unholy, Rapture of this earth
and I would like to thank you all who aided me from birth
To get me where I am, and teach me what I've learned
Without you I am nothing, my creation's deserved
I hope you understand and the picture doesn't fade,
There is so much more in me, many additions to be made,
This was the only warning, it is too late to retract
I suggest you pay attention, get pissed and then act
Crazy devil dude, might be on the right track
Now I'm loose in the world, and I will never turn back
This song was submitted on June 6th, 2015.
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