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"Unselfish Love (1932)" Lyrics

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Heartaches, heartaches, I guess I'm just a blame.
Teardrops, teardrops, love in life is just a game.

Remember little girl that your little heart,
Can be broken just the same as mine.

Someday you'll smile, find life 's not worthwhile
You'll see why that I waste my time.

I'm lonesome, lonesome, I'm blue dear, just for you.
I never knew that my life forever be blue, till I found out that I was blue

Now the stars are bright, the moon is kinda blue.
My heart is broken, no one else will ever do.

That's why I'm blue, I'm crying only just for you.
I blame myself for falling in love with you.

I'll give you my love, I'll give you my soul.
I'll give you even my weight in gold.

I'd give every little thing that I thought love would bring,
But still my love is all in vain.

That's why I never doubt that you could be untrue.
But all my lovin' plans have all fell through.

That's why I feel blue, I'm needing no one else but you.
I blame my heart for falling in love with you.
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WriterLonnie Johnson
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AddedDecember 14th, 2005
Last updatedMarch 5th, 2022

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