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The story starts in winter 2001-2002 when old friends who had played in different bands for a many years, decided to get together and start playing rock music with big emotions, and most of all - to have fun. The journey of a newborn however was difficult and anguished. After a few years, fortuitous gigs and several band member changes, something happened...

In March 2004 it happened. The sun had just reached its highest point in the sky when Lovex sinfully broke free from it's creator. The final assembly had been found and the amount of light was stunning. That appealed to the newborn and it was obvious that Lovex wouldn't live it's life lurking in others shadows. With it's six loud heads and manly bodies Lovex didn't differ much from the other newborns, but just how little knew those who thought that the romping and sleaziness would pass after certain age. The only way to live that suit to this six headed charmer was to be a rock star.

Lovex combines the arrogant vibes of 80's rock'n'roll music and today's high technology. These six band members have a sound and power of sixty men that wipes dust from those keyboard buttons no one has dared to touch for years. The music based on catching riffs and melodies is made with strong emotions. Lovex doesn't care how others describe it. The whole purpose of Lovex is to play rock'n roll music the way it's meant to be played: too loud, straight from the heart and with a gleemy glint in the corner of the eye.

Lovex is Lovex with big L-O-V-E and X. It bows to nobody but itself and the friends of it's music, and is not ashamed to moon to others in the process. Humbleness doesn't walk the same line with this band, because any self-respecting rock band knows it's the best rock band in the world.

Everything has happened so fast - and a lot has been done. The debut single "Bleeding" was released last august and went straight up to #2 in the Finnish official single chart and stayed there for several weeks. The next single "Guardian Angel" was released 1.2.2006 and it was one of the most played tracks on air that year and it stayed on the official single charts for as long as 13 weeks. All the singles - "Guardian Angel", "Bleeding", "Anyone Anymore", "Die a Little More", "Remorse" - have made it among the top three in the official single charts in Finland. The successful singles were followed by "Divine Insanity", a debut album fans had eagerly been waiting for. The lyrics and music of the energetic rock pieces of the album are by the band itself. "Divine Insanity", recorded at the Inkfish Studio, was released on 1.3.2006. The album has sold gold, it also stayed on the official album charts for unbelievable 19 weeks.

The band with its catching riffs and melodies as well as energetic live performance aroused interest also in Germany. In December 2006 the German Gun Records signed the band, the very same record label was the initiator of the success HIM made in Germany. "Divine Insanity" was released on 16.2.2007 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. In 2007 the band made two tours in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic.

Also the Japanese EMI Toshiba was convinced by Lovex and its successful album, accordingly "Divine Insanity" was released in Japan on 19.9.2007.

Year 2008 will bring along a new Lovex studio album which is to be released April 30th in Finland.. Also this album will be melodic and full of emotion but on the other hand heavier and more aggressive than the preceding one. The album opener "Take a Shot" is full of new energy and carries elements of the 80's. "Take a Shot" has been one of the most played radio song in Finland in spring 2008. "Pretend or Surrender" will be released in Germany May 2nd and in Japan May 21st.

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