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AboutLudmilla is the stage name of Ludmila Oliveira da Silva (born April 24, 1995, Rio de Janeiro) formerly known as MC Beyoncé. She is a Brazilian funk artist who rose to fame in 2012 with her popular song "Fala Mal de Mim." Ludmila was born in Rio de Janeiro, but grew up in Duque de Caxias in the state of Rio de Janeiro. Her former stage name (MC Beyoncé) was inspired by the American singer Beyoncé. Ludmilla is considered one of the current top female artists in her relatively new, but popular among youth, Brazilian genre.

Ludmilla's music career took off after her breakout hit single "Fala Mal de Mim" (released as MC Beyoncé) posted on YouTube went viral. The song was first posted in May 2012 and it has since accumulated more than 17 million views. The official music video was posted in October of the same year and has since accumulated more than 8 million views. The song was produced by DJ Will 22 and the song's introduction includes a sample of the gospel classic "Oh Happy Day" covered by the St. Francis Choir in the film Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit. The song title roughly translates to "Speak Bad of Me" and it address an unnamed enemy who "speaks ill of MC Beyoncé". Since her rise to fame, she has been touring around Brazil and has made numerous appearances on popular television shows including Esquenta! and Domingo Legal. In an interview on Domingo Legal Ludmilla revealed that her former stage name was given to her by her friends because she was such a huge Beyoncé fan.

Name change
On April 4, 2013, MC Beyoncé announced that she would be terminating her music career because her manager had been robbing her. The disagreement between her and her manager, Roba Cena, resulted in MC Beyoncé being unable to keep her name as MC Beyoncé because her manager owned the rights to the name. Hours later she recanted and announced on Twitter that she would not quit singing, but she would quit with her manager and start a new career under a new stage name (Ludmilla).

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