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"Everybody Needs Love" Lyrics

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See those flowers, they need love
See the bluebirds, they need love
See the babies, they need love
All God's children, oh need love

See your mother, she needs love
And my father, he needs love
That's true baby, and I need love too

See those rain drop, rivers they need love
And the mountains and the valleys, they need love
God forgive us, and send us more love from above
Don't find good love every day, we ought to think
Before we throw good love away

Doesn't matter, what you are
A thief or a beggar or even a superstar
As long as you were made by God above
Oh, I know, I know, you need love, we need love

Baby, oh, I need love, I need your love, (I'm standing here)
Oh baby standing in the need of love, I need love
I need it, I got to have it baby
Oh can't you see that I'm standing in the need

I'm still here cause I need love
I'm still with you dear
Cause I need your love
And I know, oh yes I know
Though you feel you don't need loving,
You still need loving too, oh yes you do

It don't matter no, it doesn't matter what you are
A thief or a beggar or a superstar
As long as the Lord made you from above
I know, I know
You were made for love(cause love is what you need and understanding)
Oh, understanding

(various voice overs and adlibs) you were made for love
Sweet understanding why can't we see we were made for love
You were made for love baby, sweet understanding
Why can't we see, we (you) were made for love
(why is it so hard for us today to see the real)
We were made from love, you were made of love baby
You were made to love baby

What's the only thing that's gonna get us together
(love's the only thing that's gonna make this cold-blooded world alright)
What is this we're singing about for the love of Jesus, let's do it

I need a whole lot of love, sugar
I need a whole lot of sweet love

It's a fact,
(who) even the slimy seal needs love
(who) all of the folks in jail need love
(who) even a mean old man needs love
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Copyright ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing
WriterEd Townsend, Marvin P Gaye
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AddedFebruary 3rd, 2009
Last updatedMarch 8th, 2022

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