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"I Want You" Lyrics

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(I want you) i want you, (the right way) the right way, baby
(I want you) yes, i do, (but i want you to want me, too) want me, too
(Want you to want me baby) (girl, i want you to do right, baby)
Just like i want you

Oh, I'll give you all the love I want in return, sweet darling
But half a love is all i feel
Ooh, it's too bad, it's just too sad, you don't want me
But i'm gonna change your mind
Someway, somehow, oh baby

I want you, the right way
I want you, but i want you to want me too
Want you to want me baby
Just like i want you

oooh, One way love is just a fantasy, oww sugar
To share is precious, pure & fair, oooh
Don't play with somethin' you should cherish for life, oh baby
Don't you wanna care? Ain't it lonely out there?

I want you, want you, baby
I want you, but i want you to want me, too
Oh, i want to get down, baby
(Just like i want you) When I get down with you
yeah, darling! ohhh
get down, baby, whoo, have mercy
listen, precious
i've wanted you a long time
i want you, i need you bad
aww, baby, you're so good

I want you, the right way, baby
I want you, baby, but i want you to want me, too
(Want you to want me baby) got to, got to, got to
(Want you to want me baby) love me, sugar
(just like i love you) oh, the way that i love you, oooooh
I want you
song info:
Verified yes
GenreSoul, Funk, Disco
Copyright ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
WriterArthur Ross, Leon Ware
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
AddedFebruary 2nd, 2009
Last updatedMarch 6th, 2022

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