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Your picture resides in a plastic page.
Sincerity reflects off the cellophane.
Burning embers that fill the ashtray, let me write away.
Im ready to rest, I'm ready to die.
God I Love your face.
Love is blind, so feel the warm glow.
You're so scared you'll get cut.
Believe me kid, I know.
One more smoke and then I've gotta run,
and the longings just begun.
With all the hearts that I've known,
Can yours be the last one?
I hope my eyes don't hurt too much when I look back.
I know by morning time your pillow will be black.
I hope that every night you'll bring me new light.
I hope my trembling hands get held by yours, so tight.

So baby just glow.
I hope my eyes dont hurt too much when you look back.
I know by morning time, your pillow will be black.
I know that every night you'll bring me new light.
And I hope you'll hold this broken heart,
I'll be yours, I wont go, so baby let's glow.
So I'll shout at the storm.
Dark thunder farewell.
So long, dark clouds.
I'll see you in Hell....
So Baby Just Glow.
...I'm so proud of you for glowing....
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