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Brown Sugar cover
I had bitches freaks and all that shit
but soon and very soon enough of that I would get
I woke up in the mornin' thinkin' of bonin'
hook up on the phone in no time I'm gronin'
with excitement frightened by the enlightment
I can knock with these
but i'm not supposed to be caught with these
plot with 3 other motherphuckers in spite of right I'm blamin'
were they mine
word to Socrates
feelin' guilt I admit it,I did it
a'int gonna take what can't be taken back, I'm with it

[Chrous:] "brown sugar, brown sugar..."

I should have never picked up my ringer
but wiping spilled sugar, you're bound to lick your fingers
so I ride in my Chevelle and tell tales to me
since this was the d-l my niggas failed to dwell and hint I meant
I tried and strived and even lied to give
but y'all don't know what the bomb she is


One on one I'm reminiscin' the kissin'
spliff and drink I think nothin' was missin'
a little party, me and this hotty
smooth as Bacardi ooh and that body
had a nigga trippin' badder than the slippin' or fallin'
all in favor say, this is my callin'
no stallin' out on these
You're goin' drama?
No, 'cause one of you is all the hoes that's owned by Domino
Here's somethin special, a vessel of sweet
let's take a shower next hour and wrestle,
the best will be gentle with thee
She laid the hands on my fade and played it cool and pushed
the pressure placed my head to her waist
she said shoosh
Overwhelmed by the sober realm I'm not in, got in
eat the treats like ebony cotton
and there I taste it, it wasn't my bad
she had to place it in my face, brown sugar and say don't waste it

This song was submitted on August 18th, 2013 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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