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Too Late cover
and ali and yea we still together
thru the stormiest weather
its been along forever
holding it down in the south
surrounded by the southern alps
with the lyrics hot fun
if you know what im talkin bout
then throw your hands in the air
I freestyle in the square
then i'll cathch a number five
so i can rock at the pierre get live im 90.5 t
he main source show
spell it out for cats who dont know bout the F L O
and we how move through the rain slet hail and snow rockin mic with our minds heart body and soul
i'll be unsigned hight till i get creative control
and i know the haters praying that the scribe wont blow
but (its too late)
and i made it like that
i sacrificed everything just to get where im at
and to be honest im not stopping till im counting them grands and everythings on schedule and according to plan

But so your out of time if you think your f***ing with mine because (its too late) I know you didnt want to see scribe and ali doing our thing but (its too late) yo, smiling at my face stab me in the back, its cool because (its too late) because im here now its our year but for you (its too late)

Yea its too late scribe and ali since 98 still going, were still flowing like a can of speights still cut up the vinal plates like a piece of cake still write songs to stimulate your mental state sharpen your state of mind catch up yo you way behind like even your anatomical clock is out of time we on a mission, moving up at a steady pace aiming for first place, so we got no time to waste and you can do it too the scribe is gonna show you how the only trick is that you got to do do do it now and stop sitting around like you got nothing to do say you cant do it then its already too late for you take out a leaf out of rhyme book you know i made it through can't teach a crowd if you can even educate the crew you know i cant compare training for several years i made it here without a second to spare


Said its too late for haters out there trying to stop me now you never heard, yo i submerged from the underground this time im staying up and i aint never comin down i made it this far and i did it all by myself so think twice, if you think gonna take me out said you dont know me and you dont know what my crews about cause weve been doing this were not losing this and weve been proving were forever staying true to this get with the movement as im not hanging round for long in fact im gone, your too late you better check my song you know this lyrisist individualist MC puriest slash communication specialist even when effortless my skill can still rip a show this scribe is definant so dont act like you didnt know i know you know my rhyme and you flow it line for line but its too late to discipher cause you out of time

This song was submitted on January 24th, 2005 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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