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"Hurry Up And Wait" Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Check it, Uhh
Most of Life is so Hurry up and Wait
That's why I love making love on the first date
If you're a slut I'm a slut, O.K
So tell them sluts you slut around but slut don't hate!

Life is so Hurry up and Wait
Like a city bus driver with the attitude that's late
In rush hour traffic
While they're standing room only
My job sucks too
Kill the attitude homie

Life is so Hurry up and Wait
That starving artist shit died in 08
I run with the sincere type, no fakes
And we work like a fixed gear bike, no brakes!
Man I'm as cold as they come
If I was holding a gun
I'd shoot a hole in the sun
And go ape shit bananas
No opposable thumbs
After the bread
Hansel and gretel
Leave a road full of crumbs

[Verse 2]
Life is so Hurry up and Wait
Man I feel like I'm Thirty Fucking Eight
I dress like I'm Eighteen still
But I act like I can't be killed
If I keep Rushin' man I could be called a Communist
I break speed limits, and laws and all my promises
But not on purpose man
I'm flawed just like all of us
And I never paid but keep yelling that god is ominous
He never answers
So I say I'm agnostic
Fuck a swagger jacker man
I'm so swagnostic
I might of accost them
Make em put on a costume
Or put some thought of what it cost em
Whenever I come across em

[Verse 3]
If I'm not the future of the west
Then the West has no future
I've met these media darlings
And they're all a bunch of losers
Living with their mommas
Dressing like their Idols
Wifing up the groupies
And getting suicidal
Like Sean Kingston
Why the same chicks are in my living room
Shot drinking with their twats leaking
And me I'm just trying to hook my neighbor up
It get's annoying like a paper cut

But Life is so Hurry up and Wait
Fuck it I might as well kill em off and ate
Or release 6 mile
Like a race track 9
At a feast fixed night
With him squirming vermin
Leeches mice rats and fleas
With an upper lip
Stiff like an atrophy
These cats asleep
Passioned eased
Snicker helping fashion
Fiends jacking off
With the jacket sleeves
Acid please
When did all the passion leave?
This song was submitted on October 22nd, 2016.
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