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"Two Wrongs" Lyrics

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I'm jus sitting here playing the guitar
[City high igh igh igh igh]
Claudette, Wyclef

(Excuse me if you see me screaming
but deep in my mind I'm only dreaming
because if I wake girl and your, not by my side
I feel like half of me is no longer alive
So please shorty, before you walk out that door, boo-by
Would you listen to my song?)

[If only, I give you one last chance
With the devil, you can no longer dance
You've got to be faithful, So we could be fruitful
Build a family and follow God's destiny
So just, before I walk to the block papi
I might listen to your song]

(Boo, before you walk out that door, listen!)

*They say two wrongs don't make it right
So if I'm wrong, I aint tryin' to fight
I'm tryin to have some dinner with some candlelight
Lay up in the bed and make love all night*
[So papi I won't leave, maybe I'll just stay
But promise me that you'll do the same]
(Girl I 'm gonna love you like I never loved)
[Touch me like you've never touched me]
(Yo if you give me the chance girl I'm gonna show you)

[Now baby I say, that I forgive you
But I ain't gonna forget what you put me through] (oh baby baby,)
(But I have grown from a thug to a man
Built my castle with bricks, and No longer with sand)
(oh girl) [And just before I walk to the block, baby
I might listen to your song

before you walk out that door, listen!


[I'm so used to the rain that I can't see the sunshine no more
I'm so used to the pain that the first sickness feels like a cure]
(But if only you gave me the keys to your soul
And let me in, I'm gonna love you,)
[over and over and over again, yeah yeah yeah]


(I'm not gon stay out on the block no more
I'll come home early girl, I promise) [Oooh yeah yeah..]

Key: Wyclef: (his words)
Claudette: [her words]
song info:
Verified yes
GenrePop, R&B
Copyright ©Sony/ATV Music Publishing
WriterWyclef Jean, Jerry Duplessis
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
Last updatedMarch 8th, 2022

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