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"Snakes and Blaggers" Lyrics

Ocean Wisdom

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Snakes and Blaggers cover

[Hook: Ocean Wisdom] x4

Watch out for the snakes, heh
In the grass cah they'll try to catch you
If I bless you, or get achoo'd
Then it's all blessy
Can I get a hachhoooo!?

[Verse 1: Ocean Wisdom]

How many ways can I say what I wanna say
Say what I wanna say how many ways can I
Just came in a scrum that's proper gay
Spray like a copper's AK
In the states of mind
Used to be on it mate
Didn't cooperate, gobbling wallets and swatting braids
These days couldn't be bothered mate
Me, I want proper wages to take mumsy on holiday
Theres lots we can offer brave
Other than a mean stare and a dodgy eighth
So what you're a nice bird with a dodgy mate
I seen a nice guy knock out a proper snake
I don't want a sentence, me I wanna break
So I wrote a sentence with a proper break
For a breather like Skepta did
Nah I'm not a dreamer cus it's on a plate
Yo, I know guys that are funny and horrid
They only get p if the money is borrowed
And they get so licked that they can't walk
And they fall face first and end up in their foreheads
And you got mad girls round here
Don't get me started I won't finish cus they show promise
First they wanna diss me then they wanna kiss me
And then they wanna hit me then draw for the bollocks
How you gonna fuck with my head like that
Like I won't switch kick, took a bitch to the forest
Take her to a wood shack
Fairytale vibe
Likkle blond ting
Force feeding Goldilocks' porridge
I ain't even on that vibe
But I like that vibe, if you like that vibe you're a nobend
Yeah I just clocked what I said if you clock you're a twat then you got it
If not you're a novice

[Hook] x4

[Verse 2: Ocean Wisdom]

If man holla me for the 3 I'll be more than obliged
Writing a rhyme when I'm bored in the night time
Fighting a Mike Tys, that guy in my mind
Write with a right fight with a mic 'til i write something nice
That they might like, like mike I be young jumping for high times
I'm a white guy and a black guy in a brown guy
How high was a good film because it outlined heist niggas
Trying to to fit in with them white niggas
I be spitting son quite vicious
Im a bredda with a nice image
I come pricker with a quite different, quite different
Ice ridden cold flow nice wid it
I said "mum give me my spinach"
She said "eat little boy stop hyping it"
Now I'm altogether like a nice village
But I'm in a cold place like a icepick is
Neat sweet ting by rag and bone
Gave her the neat sweet ting when I rag and boned her
My tings long
I been on the map on alton prince kong
We be in the cab with crow and tings on
Busy with rum kush with the stay piff
Dont gizzie with the free c's with the new song
Got pars looking wavey for 1-6
'Till I clocked Mitch say no wizzie ain't drunk
Bigs and prospects are bredrens
Me I got big prospects with bredren's don
Got objections to resting, but we find its odd
To pretend to be strong
Im in the box with a klaxon
Watch when I pop out and smash them
It's overly long
So you know when I'll be making the pie
When the rest of the man, dem are singing our song

[Hook] x4

This song was submitted on October 22nd, 2016 and last modified on March 6th, 2022
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