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One Minute Silence


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Brian Barry - Vocals
Massy Fiocco - Guitar
Glen Diani - Bass
Eddie Stratton - Drums

(Just To Confirm...The Band Split Up On October 21st 2003)

We were sold a lie. Amid talk of new millenniums, new dawns and new ideals the 21st Century has so far failed to deliver anything that comes close to the hype. We were promised a new beginning and all we got was the same old shit. We mortgaged our souls building a dome-shaped museum reflecting our society, our history, our achievements and our aspirations only to find that nobody wanted to see it. We elected a man of the people and watched him mutate into a tyrant before our own eyes. Our future's in the hands of fools and we're staring down the barrel of a dead century. One Minute Silence please. One Minute silence were the first homegrown act in years to provide a serious alternative to the American dominance of the rock scene. Their overpowering blend of razor sharp riffs and block rocking beats providing irresistable...

In order to know the future you must first understand the past. Sometime towards the beginning of the last decade loquacious Irishman Brian 'Yap' Barry got together with guitarist Chris Ignatiou to form Near Death Experience. Envisioning a band boasting the aggression and power of Pantera combined with political suss and hip hop stylings, the pair went through various rhythm sections before finally finding the perfect companions for their journey - bassist Glen Diani, Gibraltan by birth but recruited via a notice board in a London music shop and drummer Eddie Stratton, found via the small ads pages of a music paper.

The quartet toured incessantly, honing their potent musical mix of metal, hardcore and rap and developing into a considerable live force, playing anywhere that would have them and regularly blowing unwary headliners off the stage. An enforced name change to One Minute Silence ("With us you get one minute of silence and the rest is noise" quipped Barry) did little to hinder their rise - the fanbase swelled with each sweat-soaked gig while their press cuttings boasted strings of superlatives. By the time they were signed in 1997, One Minute Silence were already being heralded in the rock press as best new British band in years and the brightest hopes for the future.

And so the stage was set for One Minute Silence to almost single-handedly resuscitate the British metal scene with their life affirming debut album 'Available In All Colours'. Prior to its release, connoisseurs of contemporary metal were resigned to waiting for the next big thing to cross the Atlantic - One Minute Silence were the first homegrown act in years to provide a serious alternative to the American dominance. Their overpowering blend of razor sharp riffs and block rocking beats proved irresistible and more than a match for anything their contemporaries could offer, Barry's streetsmart raps and thought provoking lyrics clicked with a generation disenfranchised and disillusioned with the world around them.

If expectations of the band had been raised by their bearing the standard for British metal then One Minute Silence didn't disappoint. In 1998 the quartet started fulfilling their promise in spades, laying waste to venues around the world.

In what proved to be a particularly special year One Minute Silence played with heavyweights like the Deftones in the UK and began to make inroads into America, touring with some of the biggest names in metal, including Sepultura, Biohazard, Anthrax and Sevendust. Japan and Europe's prestigious Dynamo festival were notable recipients of the One Minute Silence Experience in '99 (the event stealing performance at the latter being all the more remarkable when you consider that, following the amicable departure of Chris, new guitarist Massy Fiocco had less than a week to learn the set before playing in front of a field of rabid Dutch metallers) before the band took a well earned break, retiring to a studio with acclaimed producer Colin Richardson (Machine Head, Fear Factory, Napalm Death) to start work on their second album.

"We spent ten weeks in a fucking farmhouse banging our heads against the walls for 16 to 18 hours a day, falling asleep at the desk sometimes," is how Barry remembers the recording process of 'Buy Now,Saved Later' but the band's efforts have paid off and then some. If 'Available In All Colours' upped the ante for British metal groups then with this album One Minute Silence have thrown their car keys into the pot safe in the knowledge that they're holding a royal flush. While still retaining their debut's raw energy, power and intensity, the band have developed and matured musically beyond all expectation. Their experiments with different textures, tempos and arrangements have resulted in a more diverse, fully rounded set so while the likes of '1845' and 'Food For The Brain' will fuel mosh pits for years to come, the more melodic 'Fish Out Of Water', the Zeppelin-esque riffage of 'Roof Of The World' and slow burning first single 'Holy Man' show that musically the band have stepped up several levels.

"People will see that we've progressed as a band with all the touring experience we've had," agrees Barry. "We've wanted to incorporate melody into the music for a long time. I'm not your typical, traditional rock singer though - it's more Irish ballad based, and trying to incorporate that into the music and not sound cheesy was difficult. But this album is a lot heavier - it's going to make your speakers bleed! We're over the moon and we're excited. We just throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks. We're always trying to push and create as much as we can. We're going to throw the dice and see where it takes us."

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