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One Night Only


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Every great band needs its thunderbolt. Y'know, the charismatic rock god guy who joins the band, sacks the crap drummer, brings in a new keyboardist, writes most of their huge hit songs, insists on playing all the guitars and singing and transforms them into a globe slam-dunking rock Atlas. Oasis had Noel. The Clash had Strummer. And One Night Only have George Craig. Shaggy of hair, snarly of lip and with the indie god gene throbbing deep in his marrow, George joined what was, in 2003, a not-entirely-hopeful Beatles covers act from Helmsley, North Yorkshire, made up of older schoolfriends from his secondary school. He insisted on playing guitar and singing. He began writing most of their best songs. He brought in a new keyboard player. Drummer Sam Ford, presumably spotting a pattern emerging here, must have feared a putsch on his stool but was thankfully deemed good enough to survive.

The signs were all there - One Night Only had been struck by their thunderbolt. Thing is, most thunderbolts aren't twelve years old. "There were three of us," explains 19-year-old guitarist Mark Hayton, "and we had literally just started to learn our instruments, we were about 14 or 15, so we were just making noise really, in a really small village. And then we met George. He was friends with the drummer's brother who was also at the house and he just started singing whenever he was up there." "There was another guitarist, wasn't there?" says George with all the glowering cool and knee-twitching enthusiasm of Richard Ashcroft, at only 17 years of age. "I kind of persuaded these guys to let me be a guitarist and a singer when they only wanted me to be a singer. So I persuaded them to let me do the other guy's job."

Mark: "When all of us were jamming, none of us could sing, and he could sing. So we were like 'Why can't you just be the singer!?' and he was like 'No, I want to play the guitar as well', so we had to kick out the guitarist..."

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