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Panic! At The Disco

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Panic! At the Disco is the solo project of American singer/musician Brendon Urie, and was formed in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although the band officially formed as Panic! At the Disco in 2004, the first incarnation of the band was formed in 2002 under the name "Pet Salamander", with Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith, Brent Wilson, and Trevor Howell.

In 2005, Panic! At the Disco was discovered by Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy, who, after hearing demos, went to Las Vegas to hear the band play in their garage & immediately signed them to his Fueled By Ramen label imprint Decaydance.

After their debut A Fever You Can't Sweat Out was released, bassist Brent Wilson left the band. Although he claims he was fired, the other members deny this.

PATD's 2004 (original founding) band members included:

* Brendon Urie - lead vocals, guitar, keyboards; bass; drums, percussion
* Ryan Ross - lead guitar, vocals, keyboards; lead vocals (2004)
* Spencer Smith - drums, percussion
* Brent Wilson - bass

The band members have changed frequently over the years and now as of 2020 only Brendon remains as the core founding member, with a variety of recording and touring musicians coming and going along the way, some having only the shelf life of the recording/promotion of a particular album.

As a solo performer, Brendon previously had provided guest vocals on The Cab's song "One Of THOSE Nights", but is more well known for his involvement with several songs/projects by former label-mates Fall Out Boy. He provided vocals on the songs "What a Catch, Donnie" and "20 Dollar Nose Bleed" from their 2008 album, Folie à Deux, and backing vocals on "7 Minutes In Heaven" from FOB's album From Under The Cork Tree.

Panic! at the Disco was originally a pop rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada, formed in 2004 by childhood friends Brendon Urie, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson. They recorded their first demos while they were in high school.

Shortly after, the band recorded and released their debut studio album, A Fever You Can't Sweat Out (2005), which was certified triple platinum in the US.

In 2006, founding bassist Brent Wilson was fired from the band and replaced by Jon Walker.

The band's second album, Pretty. Odd. (2008), was influenced by 1960s rock bands the Beatles, the Zombies, and the Beach Boys. That album marked a significant departure from the sound of the band's debut. Ross and Walker left PATD and formed a new band, the Young Veins, leaving Urie and Smith as the sole remaining members of Panic!

Continuing as a duo, Urie and Smith released a new single, "New Perspective", for the movie Jennifer's Body, and recruited bassist Dallon Weekes and guitarist Ian Crawford as touring musicians for live performances. Weekes was later inducted into the band's lineup as a full-time member in 2010. The band's third studio album, Vices & Virtues (2011), was recorded solely by Urie and Smith in 2010, produced by John Feldmann and Butch Walker. Crawford departed once the tour cycle for Vices & Virtues ended in 2012.

By 2013, as a three-piece, Urie, Smith, and Weekes recorded and released the band's fourth studio album, Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!. Around that time, Smith unofficially left the band due to health and drug-related issues, leaving Urie and Weekes as the remaining members. They were then joined by guitarist Kenneth Harris and drummer Dan Pawlovich as touring musicians for live performances.

In 2015, Smith officially left the band after not performing live with the band since his departure in 2013. Shortly thereafter, Weekes reverted to being a touring member once again, resulting in Panic! transitioning to a solo project presented by Urie.

In 2016 PATD released their fifth studio album, Death of a Bachelor. In December 2017, Weekes officially announced his departure from the band.

Pray for the Wicked (2017–present)

On December 15, 2017, the band released their fourth live album All My Friends We're Glorious: Death of a Bachelor Tour Live. It was released as a limited-edition double-vinyl and digital download, then 5 days later, they released a non-album Christmas song titled "Feels Like Christmas."

On December 27, bassist Dallon Weekes officially announced his departure from Panic! at the Disco after 8+ years to become frontman of the band I Don't Know How But They Found Me.

In 2018:
- March, they played a surprise show in Cleveland, OH, released two new songs "Say Amen (Saturday Night)" and "(Fuck A) Silver Lining." and announced the new album Pray for the Wicked and upcoming tour for the same
- June, PATD performed at game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals
- August, performed as a headliner at the weekend-long Reading and Leeds Festival
- dropped the music video for the single "High Hopes", which would become the highest placing single from the band reaching #4 on the Billboard Hot 100.
- fired touring guitarist Kenneth Harris after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct involving underage fans. His replacement was announced to be Mike Naran

The band's version of the song "Into the Unknown" is featured on the soundtrack to the 2019 Disney film Frozen II, and in the end credits.

Brendon Urie tells President Donald Trump via Twitter to STOP using their music in his campaigns:

@brendonurie, Jun 23, 2020
Dear Trump Campaign,
Fuck you. You're not invited. Stop playing my song.
No thanks,
- Brendon Urie, Panic! At The Disco & company.

Dear Everyone Else,
Donald Trump represents nothing we stand for. The highest hope we have is voting this monster out in November. Please do your part: (posts link to

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