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AboutPeaches - Vocals, Guitars

Contrary to popular belief, Peaches isn't easy.

Yes, it is true that the Canadian-born, Berlin-based artist likes to sing about sex. It is also true that her combination of deliciously minimalist electronic beats and power-chord stadium rock fuse together to make music that is sincerely unlike anything else you'll hear on the planet. (That's not hyping bio bullshit — that is the straight-up truth.)

It is also no lie to say that Peaches' 2000 debut, The Teaches of Peaches was one of those records that music fans ran to tell their friends about. Lord knows you'd never hear a song like "Fuck The Pain Away" on mainstream radio (even if it is hella catchy),but you did hear it in gay nightclubs, and on college radio, and in your friend's car stereo on the ultimate road trip.

Truth is, if you talked about the fact that she produces her records, programs her own beats, and plays almost all the instruments, well that's real life too.

The biggest truth of all is that Peaches' newest disc shows itself to be the most blistering music she's made yet. You want proof? The record's opener, "I Don't Give A," — built around and inspired by Joan Jett's "Bad Reputation" — will charm your ass into oblivion in the first ten seconds alone.

But like it says at the top, Peaches ain't easy.

The disc's title? Yeah, it's called Fatherfucker. Peaches knows full well that the title might scare a few people away,but she's not in it for the shock value. "In the 'Peaches' way," she explains, "I'm not one to shy away from controversial words, I just turn them around to my liking. It really was the best title; all the machismo versus libido versus femininity,it just seemed to fit and take it to a new level."

In an age where perfect body parts are bought, sold and coveted in the music industry, Peaches ups the ante even further by putting herself front-and-center on the cover in a big, bushy beard. But if anyone wants to call her extreme, she's here to provide context. "You want extreme? People take out a rib to look thinner -- that's extreme! As for me on the cover? That's just my take on combining the male side with the female side."

Looking past the surface and getting down to the music, there's no question that Peaches is going to gain more fans than ever with this new disc. Combining sexy, sparse electro-beats with her lifetime love of the rawk and roll, Fatherfucker is a testament to those who have inspired her along the way. From the aforementioned Joan Jett sample (which starts off the record) to her duet with Iggy Pop on the song "Kick It," she's proud to show the music that sculpted her unique style.

Fatherfucker is full of that big, bad love, only this time she takes the music and lyrics even further. Just wait until you catch these songs live. Her performances are the stuff of legends, regularly drawing 1000+ rabid fans who love to watch her push boundaries, front fierce riffs, and sway seamlessly between a full on rock-stravaganza and performance art. Fans (from Michael Stipe to Marilyn Manson to Boy George and beyond) have seen her do everything from "pull an Iggy" (crowd walking at the legendary Fillmore in San Fran) to end off a set by jumping fully-clothed into a pool (at Miami's International Dance Music Awards.)

You see, Peaches loves the rock. But she also loves hip-hop and electronic grooves. We first got a whiff of them on The Teaches of Peaches; those unrepentant lyrics and confrontational beats appealed to a cross-section of hip-hoppers, headbangers, punks, feminists and gay club-goers alike.

But why and how such a wide variety of fans? Simple: Peaches is a state of mind as much as she is an artist. Essentially, Peaches is a revelation — an embodiment of sexual freedom, a damnation of gendered and lookist labels, and an admirable nasty attitude. For example, when she's writhing around on stage with mere strips of clothing, she's not inviting admirers to fuck her. As she told Spin magazine in February 2003, "the [audience] doesn't want to have sex with me, necessarily — they just want to have sex,I see myself more as a conduit for sex. In the middle of one show, my sound guy grabbed his girlfriend and went to the bathroom to fuck." Now that's hot. And that's why all the colors of the rainbow can get down to Peaches.

So when it comes down to Fatherfucker, here's just a few thoughts. The title? It's more than just a word. The music? She's a total groundbreaker. The fans? Well, they are the ones who truly get it. "When I opened for Bjork and played 'Fuck The Pain Away,'" Peaches recalls, "there were 17,000 people there and I couldn't believe how many knew the lyrics and sang along! People have told me 'you'll never get that song on the radio, or TV' but It's amazing how many know it. If people want the music, they're gonna get it.

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