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"Bottomless Well" Tekst Piosenki

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They say there he sits in his big white wicker rocker
Eatin' candy coated cashews sippin' orange lemonade
While a sweet young thing fans the flies from off his eyebrows
He's dozin' in the green catalpa shade
Lord they say that Jesse Langtree's got it made

A little bit south of the Okechobee there's a story that the swamp folks tell
About a mean old man named Jesse Langtree
And a sweet young maid and a bottomless well
That water's cold but that don't matter how deep it is no one can tell
Just drop a stone you'll never hear it splatter
It just falls down down forever in the bottomless well
Through fifteen miles of snakes and gators
With the raging fever and the trembling chills
I wandered lost through the Okechobee
And there I seen 'em sittin' there by the bottomless well
Yeah now there he sits...
(Oh let's hear it for Jesse now hey Jesse)

I asked her for a drink of water and as Jesse slept me
And her we talked a spell
She said that she was his wife and daughter Lord Lord
But his heart was cold cold and dark as the bottomless well
And as he slept I bent to kiss her I heard a loud and jealous yell
Felt my head explode in darkness two big hairy arms picked me up
And dragged me to the bottomless well
I woke up in fear and trembling I was staring down into the jaws of hell
As he held me high above his shoulders
A gonna throw me down down down to the bottomless well
Now here I sit in Jesse's big white wicker rocker
Eatin' his candy coated cashews sippin' his orange lemonade
While that sweet young thing fans the flies from off my eyebrows
I'm dozin' in the green catalpa shade
Enjoying things that Jesse Langtree made oh God bless you Jesse
Now some folks say that sweet thing pushed him
But I was there and I'd swear he fell
But it ain't murder 'coz he ain't dead 'coz he's still a fallin'
Goin' down down forever in the bottomless well
Goin' down down down down down bye Jesse
song info:
Zweryfikowany yes
Gatunek muzycznyCountry
Prawa autorskie ©T.R.O.
PisarzShel Silverstein
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
DodanyJuly 6th, 2022
Ostatnio zaktualizowany

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