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AboutIncorporating melody, brutality, and beauty to respire a stagnant music industry are Scapegoat: the five-piece hard rock band hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina. Established in 1999, Scapegoat has proven adamant with their driven work ethic to create inventive and passionate compositions. The band, comprised of Justin Driscoll (guitar), Daniel Hitselberger (drums), Dan Royer (bass), Kit Walters (vocals), and Spencer Bensch (guitar), are relentless in their pursuits to satisfy onlookers and capture new audiences. This band does everything a rock group should, without adhersing to the boring steadfast rules that produce generic, uninspiring acts.

Members Justin Driscoll, Dan Royer, and Dan Hitselberger began playing together in 1998. After several months of searching, they found vocalist Kit Walters in the summer of 1998. From that day forward it was an instant match. The band thrived on their love for music, soon making it their only life goal. They entered the studio in 2000 to record their first tracks. In 2002, after a successful debut CD and the release of their sophomore effort Element of Design, Scapegoat was quickly becoming common conversation. Countless live shows and promotion aided their rapid yet consistent movement of product.

In 2004 the band released their highly anticipated creation These Cards We're Dealt to a sold-out home town. The CD has sold over 9656 units since February 2004, making Scapegoat the 2nd largest east coast seller according to Music Monitor Magazine. 2004 also saw the addition of second guitarist Spencer Bensch into the line up. Scapegoat is made up of five individuals who are committed to each other as friends, and to making music. They all have one goal in mind, to write creative and inspiring music. For the band, the maturation of the members as both writers and musicians has been the most rewarding process.

Scapegoat has been described as one of the finest units around, as well as the most versatile, dynamically gliding from catchy choruses to head snapping chaos, with a solid vocal performance. Courtney Devores of The Charlotte Observer proclaims "Scapegoat straddles metal, math rock, hardcore, and emo with a good balance of pop hooks." Along with the band comes their frenetic, nonstop, live energy and unharnessed emotion, which are the reasons why fans turn up in droves at gigs. Their live show remains untouchable complete with schizophrenic fury. Front-man Kit Walters, provides bipolar stage antics and interaction with the audience, which are flamboyantly entertaining. Guitarist Justin Driscoll fly's through the air as bassist Dan Royer contorts his body or dives into the crowd.

The band has had the privilege of sharing the stage with acts such as The American Idol Fantasia, Finch, God Forbid, Evergreen Terrace, and Dead Poetic. Not to mention a select spot on The END 106.5 End of Summer Weenie Roast with Three Doors Down, Staind, & Shinedown Their latest CD, Let Our Violins Be Heard was released via Raleigh's own Indie label Tragic hero Records on October 22, 2005. LOVBH is a musical masterpiece which has received mass media approval including numerous radio interviews and magazine/newspaper reviews. One site claims "Scapegoat has made without a doubt, the best rock record released this year." Love them or hate them: This is your band, this is your Scapegoat.

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