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Letra de "Don't Stop"

Dag Savage

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Don't Stop cover
Feat. Blu

And I reflect like a mirror shinnin'
Them niggas almost thirty and they still grinding
Niggas be like house man and he still rhyming
Still elevating, dawg, still climbing
And I'm just tryna clear my mind out
The flow is dope, send my love to Amy Whinehouse
Show you mah'fuckers what my grind's about
No days off, no put in time's out
No paper back money, I'm making deposits
Another tax racket, but think of the options
Like the Bible and Qu'ran, we pick up the profits
We stack up paper, I'd fuck you withstanding

Well, it's the X in the flesh,
Of course I'm fresh!
Oh, you thought that I was rotting
Dirty science got them?
X don't stop Fahjera, or Joe House Robin
Blue heads, hands up, who got a problem?


Now something's tellin' me to stop
(You don't quit!)
Now something's tellin' me to quit
(You don't stop)
So I get that shit

Big pimping in my building,
Big pimping in my shizzle
It's pro'ly 'cause I'm Big Pimpin'
Vintage with the fedora before Wayne Shora
Take the game and the name,
Still, I bang on them
I gotta fucking grow up
In California, when you raise by a radar
'Bout a lake ...
Black and gold, now I'm grown
Black and gold, bag of gold
Now I should go off the stroll
Ice cold, pimp season, tittie squeezin'
You're just an object,
The target was the artist who can pop dead
When you pop shit
Off the guns on a dime,
You can't stop it, it's optimism
Prime on a dime, you know the time trick
Silly rabbit so shiny, she wanna grab it
Pull her tittie out the jacket,
Told me to autograph it
Time for some action, was wounded by the passion
But I see so clearly now
I made it out the madness
Summer smash hits, bitch, I win the classics
Dropped you in the fall to fall,
Ass fucked, kid
Skid Row with the raps, raw shit
Make a nigga bend over the rap
Now talk shit!

This song was submitted on July 6th, 2015 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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