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Letra de "Force Of Nature"

Esma & Lozano

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Force Of Nature cover
First time we meet
Hundred degrees
I like the heat
The problem is
I been told things
Stay away from him
But he draws me in
Lost my sanity
He posses me
Underneath my skin
Im still feelin him
Should I take the risk
Is it worth it
Like an animal
Let him cage me in

Whether he transforms, Ill weather the storm X2

When you strike my
My sky like that
Got me screaming out
Like thunder
When you strike me
Like lighting
Boy Im likin it
Take me under

Shock therapy
Hes giving me
Got the fever now
Theres no remedy
Ive gone insane
I like the pain
Sweat dripping down
Like summer rain

Creeping in the night
Ya I hope he bites
Touch of his skin
Got me shivering
But I let him in
So dangerous
This is fatal lust

Whether he transforms, Ill weather the storm X2


Hes a force of nature
Hes a killa
My hearts in danger
Hes a killa


Hes a killa X2
This song was submitted on August 2nd, 2015 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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