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Letra de "No Means No"

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It all started at the mall you were standing at the wall
So I went to give my number couldn't wait to get your call
I even promised you I would act and play nice romance your day's right
We chat for late nights
Weeks later while I'm kissing you
You say "what you're doing"
My hand going up on your leg I thought you knew and
If you really want it baby show me so I wanted you from the beginning girl
But I really wanna hit it girl
No means no
I can do it for a minute girl
No means no
I just want to get up in it girl
No means no
I can't believe you never did it girl

In your eyes I see where I want to be
You were heaven sent here just for me
As I close my eyes and I pray at night
I can understand you gotta take your time

Now getting back to my plans to have you I hate to ask you
You say relax dude
Tell that's is just been a month well that's true
Caress you on your neck and rub your back too
Always got money on me to pass you
Come to think about it girl I never seen your tattoo
I thought you really love me when you told me so
now its time for you to prove it girl

(Hook x 2)

When i'm pursing it why you try and ruin it
I'm the guy you're moving everybody's doing it
Now it's looking foul thinking that I'm crooked now
I'm not every juvenile thought you were a woman now
I told you the truth I'm older then you by three years
and after this time girl you wanna see fears
Pressure from you peers what you don't need though
why just save it till your married girl?

(Hook x2)
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Álbum Informacao

Planet Pop (Canada) [1999] (compilation series) - Planet Pop 3 [2001]
Planet Pop 3 / track 8
Planet Pop (Canada) compilation series


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