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Letra de "Myself In You"

Sponge Cola

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Myself In You cover
I'll find a way to come home to you
Tomorrow's not that far away, ooh
I kiss your lips in my head every night
I dream about the endless fire, the flaming sky

Find me 'cause I'm lost in this reality
Find me 'cause I'll let you, I'll let you

(Find) Just wanna say please just stay with me
(Find) I'm not ashamed to be the same with you
(Find, find, find) Find myself in you

I've sat before on the floor of my room
I always thought that it would be like this real soon
But now you're here, nothing to fear with those eyes
I can't explain why I grow weak when you look into mine

Find me 'cause I'm lost in this reality
Find me and I'll let you, I'll let you
This song was submitted on February 27th, 2008 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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