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Letra de "Roll With The Mvp"

Stagga Lee

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Roll With The Mvp cover
La la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la


We be like, they be like, and
everybodys fellin right singin
They singin, we singin,
thats how we do it all night like
Get em like, fellin like, and ain't a damn thang wrong baby
Stagga Lee and we up in the zone
got the keys to the crib and aint nobody home

Im a 16 spitter, mr team hitter
splean splitter with a dream flip a scene green get her
get her out in the streets with them 19's spinnin
me grinnin cause every single man on my teams winnin
we sittin in the trees lookin up to the sky singin
la la la la la la la la la la
Yo we rock illa killa scratch off the cereal
brothas sayin stagga still that aint all thats a miracle
for chics in the 6's with their name on the lease
the whole reason while i speak on them beats
freak on a leash and stag like who like cotton clothes
when im droppin flows
bros want me to pose when i shop for clothes
and yo im lovin it just look in my eye i feel like
la la la la la la la la la
cars bumpin, cd's pumpin and your blockin the summer
showin love for stag we can get high if we wanna we singin


We can get the rims spinnin
and your team winnin
and your chics grinnin just like me
we can pull an all nighter
i got my own driver
we could leave but your man might see
this is for the fly honies
with their own money
you just might meet a man lie me
we can get the spy dropin
they'll be mo stoppin when you'll be rollin with MVP

When i roll up they be like (mmhmm)
what ya doin pa
brothas be like how ya doin bra when im cruisin by
when im fellin lovely, i think the lord above me
and be like
la la la la then we crack a bubbly
you see me at the bar sittin with them fine women
sippin on that white wine grinnin while my time tickin
I think that every girl got a little dime in em
got a little dime and shine in em
take your time get em
la la la la la
means their all back in it
maxin out them cars with the all plaque limit
built my whole world from nada
girl we got a lot a
they probably wanna be my babies mama
cause im a fresh kid hot and got alot invested
every lyric got dropped ghetto block tested
i wreck cd and cassette decks wreckless
leave off the last s for skills i practice

(Chorus 2)
They fellin, and singin
you got to turn it up loud like
pumpin like, bumpin like
im a bout to hit it right now with a
a little...some of that
i got em singin my song baby
Stagga Lee and we up in the zone
got the keys to the crib and ain't nobody home

(Repeat chorus 2)
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