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Letra de "Sandrider"

Star One

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Sandrider cover

I have seen visions in a waking dream

I have seen places man has never seen

Am I the one to fulfil the prophecy

On the desert planet in our galaxy


Sandrider, stormfighter

Unlock the chains and set us free

Sandrider, uniter

Guide us the way and make us see


I have seen navigators bridging space

I have seen the baron and his evil ways

Forging plans against the planet's nomad tribes

And in this dream I've seen my father die

[Nomad girl:]

Drink the water of life

The sleeper comes alive

Drink the water of life

Only you'll survive


I have seen the creatures in the desert sand

I have seen them yielding under my command

One day the universe will be cleansed

One day my father's death will be avenged

[Leader: Dan]

[Nomads: Damian & Russell]

[Nomad girl: Floor]
This song was submitted on November 6th, 2010 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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