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"Six Ways 'Til Sunday" Lyrics

Rise Against

3.4 / 5 (5)
Six Ways 'Til Sunday cover
the years unfold in one moment
the voices that we heard so loud
are now suddenly silenced
inside this crowd

and you're surrounded by the lives
of those who found something to hold
so bringing everybody down
is all you know

you've been hiding so long
you can't find yourself
in this sheltered life you live
when everything you want is at your fingertips
you'll never know what need is

you're claiming to be something different
so wanting to believe
that you're better than the rest
to make up for your self-esteem
you talk to hear your own voice and
you've left me no choice but to choose
I miss the person that you were
but I don't miss you

you're the new revolution
the angst-filled adolescent
you fit the stereotype well
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