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What is LetsSingIt?

LetsSingIt (LSI) is a music community where you can find music-related information like song lyrics, album tracklists, pictures and a huge forum where music lovers share their music passion with each other. Our key features:
  • Biggest lyrics archive around
  • Lyrics without errors
  • Licensed to legally publish song lyrics since 2005
  • Huge level of user interaction through our member community

How it all started...

It all started back in 1997 when Ray, a 20 year old astronomy student from Amsterdam opened his first lyrics website. Often looking for lyrics himself, he noticed there weren't a lot of good quality websites providing lyrics. Ray started 'Ray's Music site' and published some lyrics that he collected himself. To his own surprise, the website was soon receiving hundreds of daily visitors and Ray started receiving lyrics by email. The archive was expanding quickly and with 15,000 daily visitors in 1999, it was time to make some substantial changes. That's when Ray's Music Site changed to LetsSingIt in the year 2000. Now, 15 years later, LetsSingIt has one of the biggest lyrics archives on the net.

Lyrics license

LetsSingIt is licensed to legally publish song lyrics through our partner LyricFind. LyricFind handles all lyrics licensing terms between lyrics sites and publishers including (but not limited to) EMI Music Publishing, Warner-Chappell, Sony/ATV, Universal, The Harry Fox Agency and numerous independent publishers and songwriters. With this license, songwriters are compensated for their work.

Member community

One of LetsSingIt key strengths has always been the level of user interaction. With almost 1 million registered members, LetsSingIt has a huge member community. Membership is 100% free and allows you to personalize LetsSingIt. Members can post in the forum, bookmark and comment artists, songs or albums, create their own playlists, send messages to each other, and even moderate their favorite artists. Also, LetsSingIt is free of ads for members! Check out the member activity or become a member yourself!

Who runs this site?

Well, for starters, of course, the founder and godfather of LetsSingIt: Ray. Then there's also Aisha, who handles the advertisements. And we have a bunch of really loyal, dedicated, punctual and helpful moderators/reviewers who monitor content. They make sure all content is accurate and up to date.

Read more about LetsSingIt

  • Forum topic about LSI when it celebrated its 10th anniversary, back in 2010. Check out the images of the old layouts of the websites!


Contact us directly:
  • Ray (webmaster)
  • Aisha (advertising inquiries)
Alternatively, you can start a thread in our forum, or leave a message on our Facebook page!