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"Santa's In Jail" Тексты песен

Art Paul Schlosser

5.0 / 5 (1)
Santa's In Jail cover
You may be wondering why Santa never came
Well, it's not his fault-No! He's not to blame
He's been in jail for all these years
And it's not for drunk driving (he never drinks liquor maybe 1 or 2 beer)
No! They thought he might have robbed the train
And when they found out he was innocent, they kept him in jail
because they thought he was insane
I guess that red suit gave him away
They said anyone who dresses like that must be insane
(that's what they did say)
Well after all hope fails, all hope fails
And because they think he's insane, they won't let him get no bail

Chorus: Santa ! Santa ! Santa's in Jail ?
Santa Claus is in Jail
They think he's insane; they won't let him get no bail
Santa Claus is in Jail
(With a real crying voice) Santa Claus is in Jail
Santa Claus is in Jail

Well, I hope you have a good Christmas- A Christmas snow white
And I hope you get lots of cards and letters for everyone you do write
But if it starts to rain and to sleet and starts to hail
Be thankful you're not Santa
because Santa's in jail (go back to the chorus)
This song was submitted on December 2nd, 2013 and last modified on March 5th, 2022
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