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"Tair" Lyrics

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I'm aching
So tell me what's shaking
Watching from the bushes, I'm patient
Still like a stone but my mind ain't vacant
I'm waiting, I'm waiting
Breathing in deep through my nose wind as it blows
Got there on my own ain't no roads where I want to go
Picking up a stone for a throw then let it go
Lone tonight with flowers I never know
Hell moving round in my face as I'm looking down
Down out of town and all that is around
Down is the place by the lake where she drowned
Down is the place little houses can be found
Now all the windows with the lights on looking similar
This end to me, it's routine, it's familiar
Start to get a feeling about where my two lights are
These niggas calling me, it'd be rude if I don't go
Started to decent from the ridge with my eyes fixed
On those lights and my feet stepping on sticks
"I'm coming, I'll be there soon"
And when I get there I'mma tear apart the room
See now I'm from the hills wich is where I first began
To the side of the house which is where I now stand
The edge of the rules and the long way between them
This house is safe it got nothing to fear (yeah)
So if you catch your window smashed something gon' snap (damn)
And what they lose they couldn't get back (nope)
Dirt across the floor like it started from nowhere
Water pipe howling let them know what's out there
For what they're about to lose they have no understanding
And my prison stint, left more damage in the can
I move through the house, all nerve all sheet
Door open with a creek what a treat she still asleep

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AddedMay 19th, 2016
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Album Details

Salem - King Night [2010]
King Night / track 10


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