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"Blasphemies Of Nether World" Album Lyrics

Shub-Niggurath (MX)


Blasphemies Of Nether World by Shub Niggurath

Type: EP
Release date:1992
Catalog ID .H. 007
Label istorted Harmony Records
Format " vinyl (45 RPM)
Reviews:1 review

Shub-Niggurath's "Blasphemies of Netherworld" EP is a carnal offering of occult death metal in the vein of Incantation and very early Absu. It was released by Distorted Harmony in 1992, but I'm not entirely certain if this came out before the "Unknown Adorer" vinyl or not. One thing is for sure, "Unknown Adorer" blows this one out of the water production-wise. The production on this particular 7" sounds like a rehearsal, but it's not nearly as bad as the Abominog 7" (see my review)! The drums, bass and vocals actually sound surprisingly good here. Unfortunately, these instruments tend to drown out the guitars which sit very low in the mix. The vocalist is powerful, and his style is a mixture of Daniel Corchado's performance on "Diabolical Conquest" and the singer from Mortuary (Mex).

"Legions from Absu" kicks off the 7". This is a very fast-paced song, filled with lots of double bass drumming and the occasional blastbeat sections. A number of the verse riffs are very Slayer-inspired (not unlike Mortuary), as are the guitar solos on this song which sound strangely similar to Jeff Hanneman's on "Reign in Blood". There's an abysmal doom riff later on in the track that shows the listener that Shub-Niggurath can also be heavy and miserable if they want to be... The next piece is "Unnamable Evokation", which is another furious song (the shortest on the 7") that does little to slow down the momentum of this EP. It begins with some straight-up blastbeats and continues into chunky, NYDM-style leads that continually emerge throughout the track. Later, the Hanneman solos take center stage again as you nearly break your neck from the abusive headbanging.

The final offering to the dark gods is "Sub-Human Immortality", which starts off slow before working its way to mid-tempo at the halfway mark. More NYDM influence can be heard here, especially when the song ultimately speeds up and the heavy double bass drumming returns. There's a killer bass solo towards the end, and this is also where the lead guitar suddenly becomes very loud in volume. I don't know if somebody finally realized that it was too quiet, or if an amp was knocked down during the ritualistic holocaust of metal and alcohol taking place in the room. Whatever the case, it definitely catches the listener off guard.

Despite the lo-fi production, this is a solid piece of vinyl from the southern death metal cult!
01Legions from Absu lyrics
Shub-Niggurath (MX)
02Unnamable Envokation lyrics
Shub-Niggurath (MX)
03Sub-Human Immortality lyrics
Shub-Niggurath (MX)
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