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"Fresh Pair Of Panties On" Lyrics

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(Dj Ez Dicc)
It's time to slow it down,
Steadily grinding
And this is the big doggy dogg
(Snoop Dogg)
And I aint talking about no air force ones
I just gotta know,
Before you let me get some

Do you have a fresh pair of panties on
I've got to know
Or you could show me
silk, cotton, see through, lace, your sexy thong
I've got to know
Or you could show me

Freak-a-leek p d
let a nigga sneak a few peek-a-boo
let's see what we can do
About freakin you,
Sneaking you into a quiet place
So I can look at it
Face to face
Let me guess,
you prefer to wear cotton,
I can tell
Cause you like squatten it
Your last dude
He was so rotten
And now your love is to begotten
Yeah baby girl I can read your mind
But what I'm really trying to do is read between your panty lines
I know it seems oh so personal
But I'm just trying to make you feel comfortable
I know
So what will it be?
And the type of underwear you wear,
Is troubling me
Can I get a glimpse?
One for the pimps
I've got one quesion
Answer me this:


You came by the church
With a whole lot of body
Got invited to our annual pajama party
workin that lace
You'd think it was the first cut
Yeah bitch you got a big old but
Hiding it should be dividing it
It's real tight in there
But I got a way to widen it
Sliding it real smooth
Like with a little butter
Cause it getcha in the mood like
Zoom boom hit that boom boom
Right just to getcha groove right
I can make it happen
But it can't happen if you aint good at it
When you gonna let a nigger have a look at it
Caling all callers
yeah baby girl you a star
But it's like you if you wana go real far
Then let me get a glimpse
One for the pimps
I've got one question
Answer me this

song info:
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Copyright ©BMG Rights Management, THE ADMINISTRATION MP, Sony/ATV Music Publishing
WriterCalvin Broadus, Jeret Black, Marlon Lu'ree Williams, Terrace Martin
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
AddedFebruary 18th, 2005
Last updatedMarch 7th, 2022

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