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"Halloween" Lyrics

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There's something shifting in the distance
Don't know what it is
Days as dead as night
Except for the feeling
That's crawling up inside of me
As you sing your song
As you swing along
And your, it's your.. your song

The devil in me makes me stare at you
As you twist up along, sing your song
And you're slithering up to me
And you're so close I just wanna touch you
And sing your song
And you don't know what's going on
But you want me to come along
As you sing your song
And you're fucking with me
As you slither up to me
Your lips are slippin'
Twisting up my insides
And sing along, you're just a swingin' man
Isn't it your swinging song
And now I don't know what you want
But you're looking at me
And you're fallin' on the ground
And you're twistin' around
Fucking with my, my mind
And I don't know what's going on

Swing your song, twisting along
As you slither up to me and it's gotta be
And I don't know what you wanna do
And you're looking at me
With your big dark eyes
And you're rubbing your body
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Verified yes
Copyright ©Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music
WriterKim A. Godron, Lee M. Ranaldo, Robert Bert, Thurston J. Moore
Lyrics licensed byLyricFind
Last updatedMarch 5th, 2022

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