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South Park Mexican

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AboutCarlos Coy is South Park Mexican, Don of Dope House Records and musical engineer. He has been busy composing a scientific formula to rock the world. While talent spills out of Dope House Records on to the nation, his foaming masterpiece bubbles out of its beaker nearing completion.

South Park Mexican, a former king of the underground rap worlds, has relinquished his reign to emerge into the mainstream. Since his transition, he has received massive radio rotation on many stations across the country. Starred, directed, produced and executive produced a full length documentary plus two music videos for his hit singles "Mary-Go-Round" and "El Jugador featuring Frost, Low G", featured amongst the likes of many famous celebrities, including multi-platinum recording artist Brian McKnight and Nate Morris of Boys II Men. Received national media exposure and MTV's web page, BET's number one rated television show "Rap City", and currently is building one of the fastest growing independent record companies in the world.

The youngest of three kids, Carlos Coy grew up in Houston's ghettos within a loving family environment. In spite of the amount of love he received, he embraced a thug lifestyle and developed a reputation for selling the best dope. On the streets, Carlos witnessed many of his childhood friends become dope fiends, incarcerated or lose their lives. After almost losing his own life, Carlos decided to leave the dope game. He sought financial support from his oldest brother "Tudy" and started hustling a new kind of dope (his music).

South Park Mexican symbolically combines his titles and his lyrics with environmental influences, "I came up with the title ' Power Moves ' because that's exactly what's going on at Dope House. We're putting our money back into the mix making us more powerful."

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South Park Mexican

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