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"Spring Love" Lyrics

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I remember when we first started
You came to me and you were broken hearted
I took you in and wiped all your tears away
I gave you loving more than any other gave
Don't you know I'm the one and I love you girl
I don't care what they say you know you are my world
Come back home to the one
Who loves you more and more
Soon you'll see that it was me you were searchin for

[RPT 3]
Spring love - come back to me
I gotta have you baby

I can remember the first time we ever met
The sun was shining
Love was gleaming in the air
You caught my eye and the next thing that I knew
I was in love - I was so in love with you
We were so close for a season of my life
I wanted so much to have you for my wife
But something changed
Season came to an end
I had to leave you
And thats where my heartache began

Spring Love come back to me
I need you and I want you baby
Spring love come back to me
I really need you
I gotta have you baby
Springtime love is on my mind and I won't forget
The way we shared the way we cared
And I don't regret it
I don't regret it - come back to me darlin
Springtime love is on my mind
And I won't forget
Come back to me darlin
The way we shared the way we cared
I really need you my springtime lover
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About"Spring Love" (also known as "Spring Love (Come Back to Me)") is the third single from freestyle singer Stevie B's debut album Party Your Body, released in 1988. The song achieved a higher chart placement compared to Stevie B's previous single, almost reaching the Top 40 of the Billboard Hot 100 (peaking at No. 43) and paving the way for his top 40 breakthrough the following year with the similar-sounding "I Wanna Be the One." "Spring Love" also became Stevie B's first top ten hit on the Dance charts, peaking at number 5, and it remains one of his most popular songs.

In 2007, Stevie B re-recorded the song with rapper Pitbull, which was included on the album The Terminator.

In 2003, Brazilian funk singer, MC Fornalha released the single, "Paga Spring Love," inspired by the song by Stevie B.

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