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"Girl You Know It's True" Lyrics

Stevie Brock

Girl you know it's true

In love, in love, in love

Girl you know it's true (girl)
Ooh, oh, oh, I love you

I'm in love with you, girl
'Coz I have on my mind
You're the one I think about most everytime
And when you pack a smile in everything you do
Don't you understand, girl, this love is true

Your soft, silky hand all sweet and thin
It makes me want to hold it again and again
You lighten up my day and that's oh so true
Together we're one, separated we're two

To make you all mine, all mine is my desire
'Coz you contain a quality that I admire
You're pretty and simple, you rule my world

So try to understand
I'm in love girl, in love
I'm so in love girl, in love
I'm just in love girl, and this is true

Girl you know it's true, oh, oh, oh
I love you
Yes you know it's true, oh, oh, oh
I love you (girls I love you)
Girl you know it's true

My love is for you
Girl you know it's true
My love is for you

It's a funny thing girl I can't explain
My eyes light up
When I hear your name
When you sweet, sweet voice rings in my ears
I just can't wait girl, until you're here
And your positive outlook I really enjoy
It's just like a curse between a girl and a boy

These feelings I get, I often wonder why
So I though I might discuss this,
Girl, just you and I
It's not what you wear or
That I think you're a star
The reason that I like you girl is for what you are
If I said I'd think about it, you rule my world

So try to understand
I'm in love girl, in love
I'm so in love girl, in love
I'm just in love girl, in love
and this is true


Girl you know it's true
My love is for you
Girl you know it's true
My love is for you

Girl you know it
Yes you know it's
This song was last modified on August 23rd, 2017.
Copyright with Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group.
Written by Kayode F. Adeyemo, Kevin Wesley Liles, Rodney L. Holloman, Sean Stafford Spencer, William Ed Jr. Pettaway.
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"Girl You Know It's True" is a song by Milli Vanilli. Released as the lead single from Milli Vanilli's European debut album, All or Nothing, and the duo's American debut album, Girl You Know It's True, the song peaked at number one on the German Singles Chart, number two in the United States and number three in the United Kingdom, becoming one of Milli Vanilli's most successful singles. This song is best known for exposing the lip-syncing of Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan who were recruited after Frank Farian had completed production of the song.

The song was written by Bill Pettaway Jr., Sean "DJ Spen" Spencer, Kevin Lyles, Rodney "Kool Rod" Holloman (often misspelled "Hollaman" on single/album credits), and Ky Adeyemo, most of whom were members of the Baltimore, Maryland-based group, Numarx, who first recorded the tune.

Started by DJ Spen and featuring Kool Rod as MC, Numarx was a collective of local DJs who formed a "crew" in the early 1980s, originally consisting of four members. With the addition of Lyles in the mid-1980s, the group expanded to five. In 1987, with several singles under their belt, Numarx released the single, "Rhymes So Def," which received national airplay at the time. The follow-up single to this minor hit was "Girl You Know It's True."

The idea for the song began when Marvin Ennis suggested that the group (Numarx) rap about something romantic in Bill Pettaway's basement in Annapolis, Maryland. Bill Pettaway, an Annapolis resident working as a gas station attendant at the time also wrote songs and played guitar on the side. Pettaway, along with Numarx members Spencer, Lyles, and Holloman continued to craft the tune. In addition, then-current Starpoint member Kayode "Ky" Adeyemo joined in, co-writing and co-producing the song with Pettaway. However, the vocalist most prominent on this song is Charles "Ooh Oh Ooh" Christopher. Charles was friends with Pettaway, Adeyemo, Marvin Ennis, and George Philips (the latter three all associated with the former Elektra Records group Starpoint) and became the voice that everyone was singing along with. Although the song did not match the success of "Rhymes So Def" in America, "Girl You Know It's True" did connect with audiences on the other side of the Atlantic, becoming a popular hit in the German clubs. It was here that Milli Vanilli producer Frank Farian likely first heard the tune.

Meanwhile, Numarx would later include their version of "Girl You Know It's True" on their lone album, Our Time Has Come, whose title track was penned by former Starpoint and MARZ band member Marvin Ennis, released in 1988[9] before fading from public view. Marvin Ennis was also solely responsible for changing a bad contract which was in the form of a "work for hire," between Bill Pettaway and Steve Franco, into a contract where Bill Pettaway could earn royalties from his efforts related to the song. Bill Pettaway and Marvin Ennis (aka Marvenis) were both members of the Capitol/EMI/Liberty Records group MARZ (Make it Right). Marvin Ennis went on to discover R&B crooner Kenny Lattimore, when he auditioned for the Epic Records group Mainquin at Omega Studios in Rockville, Maryland,co-write and produce the #2 R&R/#4 Billboard hit "Taste of Your Love" for E.U. (Experience Unlimited) of #1 R&B/Hip Hop hit "Da Butt" fame. Marvin Ennis made television appearances on Soul Train, MTV, and BET as well as toured with the group as its newest band member. DJ Spen and Lyles have gone on to become world-renowned DJs and record executives, respectively, while Pettaway, by way of MARZ members Keith Rowel and leader Marvin Ennis, was later credited with discovering multi-platinum-selling singer Toni Braxton and has gone on to prominence as a session guitarist for Timbaland and other artists.

The song skipped and kept repeating the partial line "girl, you know it's" during a Milli Vanilli concert at the Lake Compounce theme park in Bristol, Connecticut, revealing a case of lip synching during the performance and setting off a wave of controversy for the group.

Milli Vanilli made a cameo appearance performing the song in an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3, based on the actual video game as seen Saturday mornings on NBC. The episode, entitled "Kootie Pie Rocks", aired October 27, 1990. After the lip-syncing scandal broke out, the episode was edited to replace the Milli Vanilli songs featured in the episode ("Girl You Know It's True" and "Blame It On The Rain") with a generic pop instrumental, and specific references and jabs at these songs were removed. However, the group themselves are still mentioned by name.


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