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Symbion Project

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symbion project incorporated elements of instrumental techno & trance, along with spastik drum & bass programming. songs on "immortal game" slowed dramatically into hypnotic down-tempo, reminiscent of boards of canada & dj shadow, with haunting synths & vangelis-esque ambient soundscapes. "immortal game" also features guest vocalists, like melissa of splashdown (all things remix) & leah callahan of betwixt (pawn to king 4), alongside the instrumentals. the latest album, entitled "wound up by god or the devil," was released in early 2007. look forward to another full length symbion album which has been in production for about 2 years now. the plan is to release it as both a stereo audio cd and surround dvd!

symbion project was featured in the sony ps2 videogames freQuency & sequel amplitude where you can interact, construct, & remix symbion project songs like "funky dope maneuver" & "freQout" & "synthesized." k*ss*n wrote additional songs for the games under the pseudonyms komputer kontroller, dj hmx, & cosmonaut zero. freezepop (k*ss*n's other band has contributed music to games like ddr, guitar hero 1&2, and most recently phase for the ipod, and rockband.

symbion project has also been heavily involved in remixes over the last few years, for bands such as depeche mode, lamb, & delerium. look for an upcoming remix of the band Anarchy Club!


K*ss*n is also The Duke of Pannekoeken for the band "Freezepop", and he was a member of the band "Splashdown". Both can be found right here on LSI, check 'em out!


"Red Album" (1998)
1. Thesis
2. tcejorP noibmyS
3. The lips aquire stains
4. Only girls like to gossip
5. Music for the last 8 minutes of 2001-A Space Odyssey
6. The infinite number of truths that remain to be discovered
7. Water of life
8. Desert/oasis
9. Synthetic
10. 1|2|0
11. Credits

"Immortal Game" (2003)
1. Pawn to king 4 (featuring Leah Callahan)
2. Soft tempest
3. Snog (pretty remix)
4. Our breath shall intermix
5. All things (charmed quark remix)
6. el-artikler
7. 21 (extended remix)
8. Lithe and tawny
9. The speed of dark
10. Lacrymosa (featuring Julia Gray)
11. Bishop to king 7, chackmate

"Wound up by God or the Devil" (2007)
1. Stainless endless radiance
2. What you are, we once were
3. What we are, you shall be
4. All things are ultimately measurable
5. Le fétichisme dans l'amour
6. Antiphon
7. Vandalized lovemap
8. Jesu, the joy of man's divisioning
9. The ill-tempered synthesizer
10. Wound up by God of the Devil
11. Dies satumi xv maius mmiv

"Misery In Soliloquy" (2009)
01. Exploited & exposed
02. Beyond Orion's arm
03. Exercise in futility
04. Toe the line
05. An ocean full of waves
06. I need more green than grey
07. Self-destruct & self-destroyed
08. Disbeliever, do not conceal disbelief in your soul
09. Elastic words
10. A pea can be chopped up and reassembled into the sun
12. Misery in soliloquy

music that was released on the web:
- 2 hour tekno
- A nice day for a chemical wedding
- The difference between order & chaos is only the distance between your two speakers
- Symbion project live on wzbc (1994)

the remixes that Symbion has done (sometimes for personal pleasure)
- After all [by Delerium]
- Gabriel [by Lamb]
- Still waiting (komputer kontroller rmx) [by Sum 41]
- Temperamental [by Everything But The Girl]
- Unicorn (the kilin remix ánd the kilin club remix) [by Apoptygma Berzerk]
- Dragonfly [by Universal Hall Pass]
- Behind the mask (qigong mix) [by Anarchy Club]
- I feel loved [Depeche Mode] (this one even officially won a prize for best remix!)

tracks composed by Symbion for videogames:

- Cool baby
- Out the box
- Robot rockerz
- Robot rockerz (oldskool squelchy acid remix)
- Spastik
- Synthesized

- Control your body
- End of Your World (Energize Mix)
- FreQout (2004 mix)

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