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AboutTARA McDONALD VOTED THE "BEST VOICE OF 2010" DANCE SCENE. Awarded by the magazine "OnlyForDj", Tara is one of the most successful vocalists in the world, with more than 253 performances around the world in a year.

The Queen of clubs !

'The chic sexbomb of electro music' (Playboy)

With 20 tracks that hit the top 10 in the international charts, Tara McDonald - singer, songwriter and head of Give Me More Music Management - is one of the most successful and recognised vocalists
in the world of dance music. In fact, she has often been called "The Queen of Dance" and was honoured to be awarded "most beautiful voice of the dance scene" from The Fashion & Music Awards — Shanghai, China.

Tara graduated from the prestigious BRIT School in the UK, alongside Adele, Amy Winehouse,
Jessie J, Leona Lewis. Aged 9, she performed in "Les Miserables" at The Palace Theatre, London.
At 12, she performed alongside Jude Law at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Also during this year she represented the UK and won the internationally televised children's singing competition "The Danny Kaye Award" which was hosted by Audrey Hepburn : Tara became the youngest child ambassador for UNICEF.

Soon after she performed live on stage or in recording studios alongside many rock and pop legends such as Bryan Ferry (Roxy Music), Roger Taylor (Queen), Roger Walters (Pink Floyd), Andy Taylor (Duran Duran), Jocelyn Brown, Eric Clapton and Ringo Star (The Beatles). Tara worked closely with Bryan Ferry on his "Dylanesque" album, both performing and arranging backing vocals.

Tara got her first number one as a songwriter for Irish boyband D-Side co-writing the single and the title track of their album "Stronger Together" produced by Cutfather and Joe, which reached #2 in Ireland and became the title track of their album which reached #1 in Japan in 2004.

Tara has collaborated with some of the biggest producers worldwide with more than 20 tracks
that reached the top 10 in the international charts. She has an abundance of hits : featuring on Armand Van Helden's worldwide smash "My My My", co-wrote and featured Axwell - "Feel The Vibe", Todd Terry - "Get Down" and with David Guetta - "Delirious" that reached #2 in Belgium, #16 in Switzerland, #12 in The Netherlands, #16 in France... and "You're Not Alone" which featured
on David Guetta's platinum selling "Pop Life album" that reached #2 in France, #4 in Belgium, #8
in Switzerland... In addition, Tara also collaborated with Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Sidney Samson,
DJ Smash, Gregor Salto, Laidback Luke, Chuckie. At the top of the international charts with her soulful voice and infectious melodies, Tara got the attention of all the biggest producers of the dance industry.

She performed at Tomorrowland Belgium in 2010 — the biggest dance festival in Europe — on the main stage with Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Dada Life singing the official Anthem for the festival "Give into The Night" that she co-wrote and co-produced which reached #16 in Belgium charts. She also scored another Beatport no.1 featuring on Lee Cabrera, Thomas Gold - "Shake It". Tara was awarded "Best Voice of the Dance Scene of 2011" — Only For Djs magazine.

In 2012, Tara signed a 3 album recording contract as a top priority artist to Mercury/Universal music. Her first solo single "Give Me More", much to everyone's surprise was a pop record reaching #10 Radio Airplay in France, Belgium and Switzerland.

4 years after their first successful collaboration, David Guetta brought Tara on board again to feature on "Pandemonium" co-produced by Afrojack released on the "F*** Me I'm Famous" compilation that hit #3 in France, #20 in U.K, #24 in USA, #17 in Austria, #2 in Switzerland.
As a world renowned vocalist and described as "The White singer with the black voice" — Rolling Stone Magazine, it was no surprise Tara was invited to be an assistant vocal coach on the first television series of The Voice (Belgium).

Contrary to all expectations, in 2013, the Queen of the Dance and the platinum selling Queen of R&B French-Canadian Zaho joined together for a collaboration on a single called "Shooting Star". The track is sung in English and in French. This unexpected collaboration was critically acclaimed for its artistic originality hit #28 in France, #16 in Belgium, reached #8 TV Airplay and #5 Radio Airplay in France.

To close the year 2013, Tara was honoured to win the prestigious prize of "Best voice of the dance scene" at the Fashion Music Awards — Shanghai.

2014-2015 was the year of the live tour, performing at some of the biggest events and festivals around the world : Ultra Music Festival — Seoul, South Korea alongside MIA and Far East Movement, Exit Festival — Budva, Montenegro alongside Example and Jamiroquai, NRJ Music Tour — Paris, France alongside Justin Bieber, One FM Star Night — Geneva (Arena), Switzerland, Olympia — Paris, France... Tara was honoured to be chosen the ambassador of the LGBTQ Pride in Paris, headlining the main stage in front of 500,000 people, and privileged to have been one of the ambassadors of the Teleton in Guayaquil, Ecuador performing and raised over $1.5 million for the childrens charity.

In September 2014 Tara released her new single "Vay-K" featuring hip hop legend Snoop Dogg. Co written by Snoop Dogg himself and Tara, produced by Nathan Duvall — 1/3 of Disciples who released "How Deep is your Love" with Calvin Harris — The single reached #16 in Belgium, #18 in Switzerland and #10 in France.

2016 Tara McDonald is back with her new solo single "I Need A Miracle" a cover originally by Coco Star which was remixed by Fragma and released as "Toca's Miracle". The song shot straight to #1 in Belgium, #1 in Portugal, #1 in Dominican Republic, #18 in France, #13 in The Netherlands and #10 in Italy. The single was also chosen as the Europride anthem for 2016, also featured in the movie "White Island" set in Ibiza starring Billy Zane and UK singer/rapper Example and included in the #WeHelpU album to raise money for people affected by the Earthquake in Italy.

In October 2016, Tara breaks the Latin American market with her collaboration with the platinum selling recording artist Juan Magan on the single "Love Me" — which she co-wrote and also featured on alongside the Mexican boy band Urband5 — The song already hit #1 in Guatemala, #1 in Panama, #1 in El Salvador, #1 in Costa Rica, #1 in Paraguay !


Sidney Samson vs Tara McDonald
Spinnin Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike, Dada Life & Tara McDonald
2010 Smash The House
Co written by Tara McDonald

Mowgli & Tara McDonald
2010 Data records
Co written by Tara McDonald

David Vendetta V Tara McDonald featuring Alim.
2010 Paradise Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

TV Rock & Tara McDonald
2010 Neon records
Co written by Tara McDonald

Joey Negro & Tara McDonald
2010 Blanco Negro Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

Funkerman & Tara McDonald
Flamingo Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

Mischa Daniels & Tara McDonald
Armada Records
Co written by Tara McDonald


Lee Cabrera V Thomas Gold & Tara McDonald
2009 CR2 Records

Warren Clarke & Tara McDonald
2008 Hed Kandi
Co written by Tara McDonald

David Guetta feat. Tara McDonald
2008 EMI Records
Co written by Tara McDonald
(From the album "Pop Life")

David Guetta
2008 EMI Records
Co written by Tara McDonald
(From the album "Pop Life")


Todd Terry Allstars feat. Tara McDonald
2007 Strictly Rhythm Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

Todd Terry Allstars feat. Tara McDonald
2007 Strictly Rhythm Records
Co written by Tara McDonald

2007 Stoneboy Records
Co written by Tara McDonald
(From the album "Music Takes Me"


Armand Van Helden feat. Tara McDonald
2006 Southern Fried Records


Axwell feat. Tara McDonald
2005 Data Records/MOS
Co written by Tara McDonald



'my my my', Armand Van Helden Feat. Tara McDonald

TOP#12 UK Single Charts (2004)
TOP#4 Australian Single Charts (2004)
TOP #5 Dutch Single Charts (2004)
TOP#5 Belgium Single Charts (2004)
TOP#7 Norweigen Single Charts (2004)
TOP#5 Danish Single Charts (2004)
TOP#2 Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play Chart

'Delirious', David Guetta and Tara McDonald for Guetta's third album, Pop Life (2007)

TOP#2 Belgium Single Charts (2008)
TOP#4 Romanian Singles Charts (2008)
TOP#9 French Sincle Charts (2008)

'Feel the vibe', Axwell Feat. Tara McDonald

TOP #16 UK Single Charts (2006)



'The white singer with the black voice' (FHM)

'She can give real authenticity to house music ' (David Guetta)

'She is a tigress on stage, Really ! She always gives a professional and assured performance !' (David Guetta)

'She has absolutely everything, the whole package! The voice, the charisma, the attitude,the stage presence and the professionalism (,) she is an amazing performer.' (Bryan Ferry)

'The chic sexbomb of electro music' (Playboy)

'She has the gift to push a project beyond its limits.' (David Vendetta)

'Beware, this singer is talented !' (Time Out)

'The most glamorous singer of the scene dance ' (Pacha Magazine)

'Tara brings the whole pop vibe to a project and a keen edge, to take
a track to the next level.' (Todd Terry)

'Pop Life is my favorite album of the moment' (Madonna, 2008)



- You come across an extraterrestrial, he says to you: "who are you?" What would you reply?
I would be so exicted I think this is the one time in my life when I would have nothing to say...shocker!

- If you were for sale in a sex shop, what would you be?
A mail order sex doll, have you seen the ones that look eerily human ? They feel real to the touch and people sprecify exactly how they want the doll to look. Then I could be dressed up in fabulous clothes and shoes,like a sex Barbie !

- What amuses you mostly?
How bad my jokes are, when I try and be funny I'm terribe!

- Are you happy with your appearance?
No, maybe because I'm a Virgo and when ever I look in the mirror all I see are the flaws :

- Have you more qualities than defects?
On the whole yes

- Do you like yourself?
Sometimes. This is mostly after I see a picture thats been heavily photoshopped !

- Who did you want to look like, when you were very young?
Barbie, I was obsessed with that toy

- What nickname do you hate most?
Something along the lines of Ronald McDonalds love child and Old MacDonald had a farm (bad childhood memories to both)

- What has life taught you?
To not take things for granted

- What is your favourite expression ?
« Just in case » I say this all the time, constantly worry about things, just in case has saved the day on many an occasion. My ability to always imagine the worse possible outcome means I'm always very prepared


- A defect ?
Talk to much, especially early in the morning.

- An accident?
Road block

- A perversion?
I have to admit I am slighty twisted

- A weapon?
My long and very strong hair jet black hair!

- A torture
Talking too much...yet again...sorry!

- An insult?
I would never be so rude. Really.

- A vice ?
Food all types. Basically everything that is fattening I love. If I wasn't constantly on a diet I would be as big as a house right now !

- A disease?
Something very contagious/outragious...maybe you'd be covered in rainbow flagged skin & free entry to gay bars

- A poison ?
Deadly melodies

- A breakdown ?
publicly, whilst break dancing.

For bookings or further information, please contact:

Tel +33 6 98 53 9000 Skype frederic.vocoret
Web: www.taramcdonald.tv Email: frederic.vocoret@live.fr

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