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The Alan Parsons Project

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AboutAlan Parsons was born in London, England on December 20, 1948. After showing early promise as a musician - learning piano, guitar and flute as a child, Alan started to take on the role of listener rather than the player. Although still working as a musician in the late sixties he turned his attention to a career at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, where he was fortunate enough to have participated in the last works of The Beatles. He was assistant engineer on "Let It Be" and the brilliant "Abbey Road" album.

This was only the beginning however; As the engineering mastermind behind Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" album, Alan became highly sought after as one of the new breed of creative engineers.

His decision to enter into production resulted in immediate success. He clocked up several hits with Pilot, Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel, John Miles, and Al Stewart.

With all this success, Alan found a very real need for management and business guidance. It was then that Eric Woolfson, with whom he had worked at Abbey Road, became actively involved in steering Alan towards becoming an artist in his own right. Although they started with a business venture, Eric was to use his songwriting talents to form a creative partnership with Alan.

In 1976 they adapted selected works of Edgar Allen Poe to music, and created the now famous "Tales Of Mystery And Imagination" album. While this "Alan Parsons project" was originally meant to be a one album deal, the experience proved so successful that The Alan Parsons Project became a permanent group. In 1977, they had their first taste of chart success with the "I Robot" album. More albums, and more hits would follow, including "The Turn Of A Friendly Card" and "Eye In The Sky" albums. By 1987, The Alan Parsons Project had released 10 albums, many certified gold or platinum in countries worldwide.

After 1987's "Gaudi", Alan and Eric Woolfson had set out to make the next album, which would eventually become the 1990 "Freudiana" album. At first it was meant to be another studio album, but soon the idea of a concept for a musical entered the picture. With the help of Brian Brolly, together they developed the concept for stage, and "Freudiana" was premiered at the Theatre An Der Wein in Vienna, Austria.

While Eric Woolfson enjoyed the world of musical theatre and has since continued down that road, Alan preferred the world of rock/pop music, and recording studios. Following the "Freudiana" project, the duo took different paths and The Alan Parsons Project was retired.


Alan Parsons continued to produce music on his own, and he began touring under the name "The Alan Parsons Live Project." He has released four solo albums, a live DVD, and he has recently released "The Art and Science of Sound" all about music production. As of 2013, he continues to tour live all over the world. Check out for more information.

Eric Woolfson continued to write musicals, completing five musicals performed in various countries and one musical, POE, released on DVD. He also released an album called "The Project That Never Was," completing various demos recording or written during the Project days. Eric passed away December 2, 2009.

An album of highlights from his four musicals, "Somewhere In The Audience," was released on March 18, 2013. Check out for more information.


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The Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons ProjectThe Alan Parsons Project
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