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"My Wife Left Me for My Girlfriend" Lyrics

The Bellamy Brothers

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My Wife Left Me for My Girlfriend cover
Well, it's a story that's been told before
But this time there's a twist
I woke up to an empty room devoid of joy and bliss
I know I don't deserve no sympathy but I think it's a sin
My wife left me for my girlfriend.

Like thelma and Louise they took off in the dead of the night
A ninty-one suburban with a loaded forty-five
Well, I called up the authority, where would I begin
My wife left me for my girlfriend.

She was the sweetest thing on earth, always so true
She loved me with a passion, yeah, my wife did too
I guess they figured out what was going on and had enough of it
My wife left me for my girlfriend.

Now, I know what you gals are thinking
Yeah, that bastard got what he deserved
And in the battle of the sexes the lines have surely gotten blurred
But I just want the both of them to came back home again
My wife left me for my girlfriend.

Well, I even asked my lawyer, he said, "Son, it seems to be a trend."
My wife left me for my girlfriend...
This song was submitted on January 17th, 2006 and last modified on March 7th, 2022
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