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"Colorblind World" Lyrics

The Boogie Woogie Boys


Prejudice dwells in the hearts of men
Must we be judged by the color of skin
I got a message worth more than diamonds and pearls
I want to live in a colorblind world

Colorblind [x2]

[verse one]

In this,our world,I stand surprise
Why we are labeled as civilized
We can't take time to form a congregation
Just to put an end ta racial segregation
It's a crying shame,but yes it's true
There's hate in the world but it's up to you
To make a change for the better
Forget about race,study my heart and not my face

I want to live in a colorblind world
I want to live in a colorblind world

[verse two]

When I say colorblind,I don't mean sight
I'm talkin' about acknowledging wrong from right
When Martin Luther King said free at last
He meant leave all the negativeness in the past
Don't judge by the race,the creed or the color
Let's all come together and learn to love one another
Walk hand in hand to the promised land
And enjoy our journey the best we can
Just accept life for what it is
Grab the world by the throat and take what it gives
If we all come together everything will be fine
Just let my world be colorblind

Colorblind [scratch]

[verse three]

A colorblind world means this O.K.
When you look at me you should see gray
If the the color gray seems too profound
Look at me as just a golden Brown
Like a piece of roast in a roaster
Mahogany man definitely
Is really what does apply to me
Label me as playing basketball
When I get an "A" in school,you fall
I'd like to be a human being
Feeling,loving,caring and seeing
I wanna be a friend that's on your block
Must have respect,like it or not
That's the way I feel,I hope you do
Feel a colorblind world will fit you


[verse four]

Listen for a second because I've been checkin'
This is our world that we are wreckin'
we're not advanced just in a trance
And the musical piece will never make us dance
Until we search for glory,change our story
Stop putting people in a color category
Don't live in the past
Make the dream last
Time is running out we've got to move fast
People killing for bucks
Apartheid sucks
And the leaders of the world ain't nothing but ducks
Singing peace for nothing
You know they're bluffin'
Shaking one hand and got the other on the button
Waitin' for the hour of the acid shower
Mankind dies because of greed and power
Life could be a movie
Men could be equal
The bomb would drop and there would be no sequel
Dominators,people haters known as segregators
Candles burnin',clocks turnin'
Growin' old but no one's learnin'
I'm Romeo and yes I know,there's no other place to go
Get the love from god above
That's the way I'm thinking of
Rearrange,make a change,try to make a fair exchange
Harmonize,socialize,look into a child's eyes
Hope it's not a big surprise
People can't you realize

[chorus x2]

Colorblind [fade out with echo]
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