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"I Feel The Love" Lyrics

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I'm gon' make you love me!
Word word
Word, word

Pretty lady, can I have a
Second of your time, in order to deliver
This message that I've been keepin'
Inside for a while since you and I been meetin'
Now, I've seen girls, in many different places
Some were fly, some with okay faces
But all that you could do was stop and glance
But you really caught the eye of the Overweight Prince
That day that I saw you shoppin' in Macy's
Tried to track you down, girl you drove me crazy
Now that I got you, in front of me
You'll never wanna leave Heavy D, I'm gonna make you love me

I'm gonna make you love me, love me
I'm gonna make you love me
I'm gonna make you love me, love me
I'm gonna make you love me

It took weeks, tried to track you down
Spent a whole lot of time searchin' all around town
It's like you disappeared, without a trace
Then one day I turned around BOOM you're right in my face
So just chill, cause this will only take a minute
Sit down relax while I start from the beginnin'
See I am Heavy D and entertainment's my profession
There's no stoppin love when I start my caressin
I can make your day, much brighter than the sun
And if you like good times, I'm the one for fun
I won't try to buy you girl with my money or gold
'Cause love can't be bought is how the story is told
But I'll treat you really good, give you all of my time
And each and every day you will be on my mind
All I want from you is truth and honesty
You'll never wanna leave Heavy D, cause I'mma make you love me

Yeah you see what I'm sayin?
Y'know, come to the crib, say about nine o'clock
And I'll have the filet mignon
And Dom Perignon chillin' on ice
And when you come, park, y'knahmsayin? Word
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WriterTeddy Riley, Dwight Myers
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AddedFebruary 17th, 2023
Last updatedFebruary 17th, 2023
About"I Feel The Love" is a song by English rock band The Heavy. It was released in 2021 as part of their album "The House That Dirt Built". The lyrics of "I Feel The Love" are about the power of love and the transformative effect it can have on people's lives.

Here are some selected lyrics from the song:

"I feel the love, it's in my bones
My heart beats like a rolling stone
I feel the love, it's all around
It lifts me up and takes me higher off the ground"

The song is an energetic and uplifting anthem that celebrates the positive impact of love. The lyrics emphasize the power of love to uplift and inspire people, and to help them overcome adversity.

Musically, "I Feel The Love" is a dynamic and groovy track that features The Heavy's signature blend of rock, funk, and soul. The song is driven by a funky bassline, powerful drums, and a catchy guitar riff, creating a sound that is both timeless and modern.

Overall, "I Feel The Love" is a powerful and uplifting song that celebrates the transformative power of love. The lyrics and music work together to create a joyful and energetic listening experience that is sure to get people dancing and feeling good.

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