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About"Almost Killed Me" is the debut studio album by American rock band The Hold Steady, released on March 16, 2004, by French KISS Records. The album was produced by Dean Baltulonis and recorded at Wild Arctic Recording Studio in Dover, New Hampshire.

The album features a unique sound that combines elements of classic rock, punk and indie rock. The band's lyrics, written by lead vocalist Craig Finn, are known for their narrative style and references to popular culture.

The album's opening track "Positive Jam" sets the tone for the record with its driving guitar riffs and catchy chorus. Other standout tracks include "The Swish", "Most People Are DJs" and "Knuckles".

"Almost Killed Me" received critical acclaim upon its release, with many critics praising the band's unique sound and Finn's storytelling abilities. The album helped establish The Hold Steady as a prominent force in the indie rock scene.

The album's title comes from an incident where Finn nearly died due to excessive drug and alcohol use. The album's themes revolve around addiction, redemption and the struggles of everyday life.

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