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The Moffatts

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Canadian Country/Pop-Rock act, The Moffats consisted of four brothers, Scott, being the eldest, born on March 30, 1983, Clint and Bob, identical twins and Dave, the fraternal twin, were born on March 8, 1984. Their career began soon after, when they were noticed singing at the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada singing; Grandpa by The Judds. They were seen in a recording booth in the mall, recording a cover of this song for their Grandpa for his birthday. The start of the Moffatts career began with the help of their determination and love for music. Their father, Mr. Frank Moffatt, before he was their manager/technician on the road, was working in a mine when Scott was born in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. They later moved to Vancouver, British Columbia where the triplets were born, Clint, Bob and Dave to the proud mother Darlana.

Of course, the music talent runs in the family. The boy's father Frank Moffatt was in a band but then quit to help with the family. Their mother, Darlana was a country music star who inspired the boys into the business. Soon then, Scott then told his family about his dream of playing in front of thousands of people and was determined for him and his brothers to make this dream come true. The family moved to Nashville, Tennessee, where the music business started and the Moffatts released their first country album in 1992, It's A Wonderful World under Polydor Records. This CD included songs like Itty Bitty Smile, Bird Dog and All I Have Is A Dream. The Moffatts, as a band were the youngest band ever to sign a major record deal - being under Polydor Records, Nashville.

Excited about the amazing outcome of their first album, the four young brothers went back into the studio to record their second album self titled, The Moffatts. This CD included the hits I Think She Likes Me, Caterpillar Crawl and Guns of Love. The CD also earned them the Youngest Country Band to be nominated at the Country Music Awards for their work on the second album which was released in 1995.

Soon after, the band released a Christmas album in time for the special time of year. Released for the Christmas of 1996, A Moffatts' Christmas was a special treat for fans. This would be their last 'country' album before the pop sensations come back to the wonderful world of the music industry.

Chapter I: A New Beginning was released worldwide (minus USA) in June of 1998. The Moffatts first televised pop gig was Psykoblast 1998 which was held by YTV. Millions of die hard fans turned out for this event and this was quite possibly the turning point for the band. After three hit singles worldwide, the band decided to focus its attention to the United States of America. They re-released Chapter I in the USA and the UK of June 1999, one year later. Its first single off the album was Until You Loved Me, which was also included on the "Never Been Kissed" motion picture soundtrack. The single was also a worldwide release. Following up came Misery which was a huge success among countries everywhere, it was also taken as the soundtrack for the movie "Teaching Mrs Tingle" starring Katie Holmes. With a record label EMI in Canada and Germany, and Capitol Records in the USA, the Moffatts are a roll.

The band toured and worked on new material since the release of Chapter One in Canada of June 1998. In the spring of 2000, after well earned success across the globe, the eager four band members started recording and writing their highly awaited follow up Submodalities.

'Submodalities' means visual change of image, and that's exactly where the band was headed. The four teenage guys, not little tykes anymore. Now 16 and 17 years of age, the band's new album was released in their home fan bases of Asia, Europe and Canada in October 2000. They released their first single, Bang Bang Boom in August, the second single, Just Another Phase in November and the third, Walking Behind; being commercially released in Europe and a radio single in Canada.

Submodalities saw a giant leap from what the country band turned pop/rock band had first started with. Now, taking a turn into new age alternative rock, the band, consisting of grown up Scott, Bob, Clint and Dave were ready to take on the world with non-stop touring and possibly, releasing Submodalities in the USA and the UK.

Unfortunately, The Moffatts reached their last leg of in the summer of 2001, almost a year after the release of Submodalities. Scott, Clint, Bob and Dave disbanded in August 2001. Their last show was on August 25 in London, Ontario. This was a unexpected twist in their life-long journey. Many fans were overwhelmed to see their favourite band call it quits.

The Moffatts had proved rock and roll wasn't dead. This Canadian family band went from their country roots to pop-rock to alternative nearly over night. They raised fan bases all over the world and had international success. The music industry and most importantly, their fans, will never forget what this band accomplished.

Written by Amelia May

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