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The Veronicas

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AboutThe hook-filled, rocking pop of The Veronicas came from Brisbane, Australia's Jess and Lisa Origliasso, twin sisters who have been working in show business since they were five years old... Jess and Lisa were first known simply as the Origliasso Twins. Singing at events and award shows made the young twins comfortable in front of an audience and drew the attention of agents and talent agencies.

In their teens, the twins released three teen pop albums as Lisa and Jessica. In 2001 the girls landed reoccurring roles in the Australian children's series Cybergirl.
Songwriting was already playing an important role in the sister's lives and their style was changing from teen pop to teen rock. They became Teal and released the single, Baby It's Over, a hooky number that made the twins sought-after songwriters.

American Idol's down under cousin, Australian Idol, employed the twins and one of the Origliassos' compositions appeared on Australian Idol winner Casey Donovan's 2004 debut album, For You, while another of their tracks was landed on J-pop singer Miz's album Say It's Forever the same year. The girls were now entirely focused on becoming an internationally successful band and were traveling the globe to shop their demos and collaborate with veteran hitmakers. They moved to Los Angeles, changed their name to "The Veronicas", when they turned 20 years old, and landed a deal with the Warner Brothers-associated label (to work on their first album).

The identical twins blend natural born singing and songwriting talent, looks to kill and a lifetime of performing experience to create an off the hook, irresistibly appealing debut album. If it all sounds too good to be true, The Secret Life Of... [2005] , their dynamic Sire Records debut album kicks the "Wow Factor" up a notch or two. Simply put, The Veronicas bear no resemblance to your standard prepackaged teen dream. Tough and edgy with hooks and harmonies to spare, the Veronica's deliver a sound and lyrics that rock with the sheer joy of free spirits on the prowl, ready to take over the planet.

It gets better. Born on Christmas Day, for real, with a bond so strong they regularly finish each other's sentences, Jess and Lisa possess a wealth of show business skills, honed over fifteen years of live performing. Do the math, these girls began entertaining at the age of five, serving an apprenticeship which quickly made the stage their second home. It's that seemingly effortless ability to connect with an audience that's become a Veronica's trademark.

By their mid-teens, Jess and Lisa, drawing from influences as wide ranging as Roy Orbison and AC/DC, formed The Veronicas and began experimenting with everything from rock to hip hop to R&B, before hitting on a distinctive musical hybrid anchored by a unique harmonic blend found only in familial greats like the Everly Brothers and Oasis. It must be in the genes!

Signed to an exclusive production deal with Engine Room on the strength of their very first demo, Jess and Lisa spent the next year creating an impressive catalog of over fifty songs, many of which were written in collaboration with a Who's Who of world-class composers. Such was the buzz surrounding the pair that they were invited to work with proven hit makers the likes of Billy Steinberg (Madonna), Clif Magness (Avril Lavigne) and Rick Nowels (Dido). With songwriting jaunts to London, Los Angeles, NYC and Vancouver, Stockholm and points between, The Veronicas compiled an impressive collection of songs.

With a reputation for cutting edge music, Sire Records flipped for The Veronicas and the girls returned the kudos by signing on board. Work immediately began in Los Angeles on their major label debut, utilizing a team of top-flight producers that included, among others, Max Martin (Britney Spears), Don Gilmore (Linkin Park), Dr. Luke (Kelly Clarkson) and Toby Gad (Enrique Iglesias). "We were given a one-in-a-billion shot," Jess remarks. "And we were determined to deliver," Lisa finishes.

That determination has resulted in The Secret Life Of..., one of the most dazzling debut albums in recent musical memory, highlighting twelve tracks written and produced by, with and for The Veronicas. The Secret Life Of The Veronicas spotlights such standout cuts as Revolution, Mouth Shut, When It All Falls Apart and Everything I'm Not along with their scorching new single 4ever.

Can you say "Wow?"

The twins have since continued their music career that's still recognised in their native home, to the Australian market - having released Hook Me Up [2007] which featured the global hit single, Untouched. It commercially successful, having reached #17 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming the group's only breakthrough single there to date. The song also peaked at #8 in the UK, #2 in their native Australia, #9 in New Zealand and at #1 in Ireland.

After a seven year hiatus, the girls released their self-titled album, The Veronicas [2014].

They released two studio albums in 2021 titled, GODZILLA (in late May) and Human (in early July).

In September 2022, the pair parted ways with their label, Sony Music as well as each other for "solo" career pursuits.

Source: David Jeffries, All Music Guide
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