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AboutTim Bendzko is a German singer-songwriter, who is born in Berlin, 9 April 1985.

Bendzko grew up in Berlin. As a youth he attended a sport gymnasium and played at the first FC Union Berlin football. Later he studied Protestant theology and non-Christian religions.

His musical career began with guitar lessons. At age 16 he wrote his first songs. As a winner of a talent competition he performed in the summer of 2009 in front of 20 000 spectators at the Berlin Waldbühne, one of Europe's largest concert venues. Then he devoted himself entirely to his music. He received a recording contract with Sony Music and performed as an opening act for Silly on their 2010 tour. On 17 June 2011 he released his debut album "Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären" ("If words were my language"), from which the single "Nur noch kurz die Welt retten" was released on 27 May 2011. The album reached number four in the German charts and the single number two.

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