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Aaliyah "Plucked Like a Rose (Unreleased Track)" lyrics

And it's like everything I knew
Was taken so fast from me
Everything so dear and true
Decided to up and leave
Me holding you tight
No the same without you by side
Boy you took my family
And left it to just me
Takin the wrong road on a track
And I now I can't go back

Plucked like a rose
And who knows (who knows)
When my petals will return
Ohhh Im
Plucked like a rose
And I don't know why
You'd do this to me
But I know I'm...
(Plucked like a rose)

Aint even gonna lie
Boy you know we had some good times
Got leavin at eleven
Had me creepin in at a quarter to seven
I guess that's all men
And that's how life goes
But baby I know
There was a promise
To be more than any man I'd meet
You lied to me....

(repeat chorus)

And of course I'm gonna smile again
But won't forget the pain I'm in
You'll be something in the past
But I thought what we had would last
Never enough words to say
To explain why you couldnt stay
So quick to leave
Was it you? Was it me?
Oh baby....

(repeat chorus till end)
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Aaliyah - Maximum: Aaliyah [2006]
Maximum: Aaliyah / track 4
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