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How I love that old melody they are playing,
I've heard it in so many different songs.
It's made stars of country music singers,
And the tune just keeps playing on.

Oh, I'm thinking tonight of my blue eyes,
Seems to me its been around since time began,
It was there with our solders during war time,
And right today we still hear it now and then.

Roy Acuff was a young country singer
Who's record were just starting to be heard
That old tune took him right up to stardom
on the wings of the great speckled bird.

Hank Thomson is a country music legend
He sang western swing and songs of grief and strife
That same tune gave Hank the break he needed
On a record called the wild side of life.

A young girl made the world stop and listen
Kitty Wells was that young singers name
It wasn't God who made honky tonk angels
That melody ran clear as country rain.

Those note must have came straight out of heaven
In so many different songs they were the same
I know someday they'll be etched in gold forever
And placed in the country music hall of fame

And placed in the country music
Hall of fame....
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